Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Feature Story
Iowa State Fair concerts

The Grandstand may get the attention, but the free stages are loaded with more music than you can shake a corn dog at Sun, sweat, smells, rides and more fried food than you can shake a corn dog at. The Iowa State Fair is a magical place. But what about the music? It’s always in the air, and there’s [...]

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Feature Story
The Ultimate Steak de Burgo

No one knows for sure which central Iowan invented steak de burgo, but CITYVIEW readers will soon have their say as to which local eatery serves the most savory. Food is the new politics. Both subjects inspire intense loyalties that are usually only shared by a minority. Just as Alexandria Occasio-Cortez fans can’t comprehend how anyone could [...]

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Feature Story
Members Only

An inside look at high society in central Iowa Country clubs. Supper clubs. Private places reserved for paying members only. A handful of such social clubs exist in central Iowa — at least nine prominent country clubs and one dining organization. The bragging rights for seniority belong to Des Moines Golf and Country Club (DMGCC), founded in 1897. [...]

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Civic Skinny
Your city at work: Putting a curb across a bike path. A look at some planks in Iowa’s party platforms.

On April 16 of last year, 55-year-old Mark Evans was riding his bike on the side path of MLK Parkway when he crashed at the southeast corner of 16th Street. Two days later, 63-year-old Bob Foss did the same thing. Both bikers were badly injured. Both men were familiar with the widely used bike path. [...]

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Political Mercury
President Trump’s social media gauntlet would have turned ‘True Gentleman Ray’ into ‘Hanoi Bob’

Ray’s genius was coalition building; Trump’s is the surgical precision of his division seeding. Jordan vs. LeBron. Magic or Kobe? In beer-and-burger debates at bars around the nation, in ferocious online forums, the GOAT question (Greatest Of All Time) runs into a challenge: How can you compare athletes from different eras? Each time Michael Jordan [...]

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Film Review
‘Sorry to bother you’

Once the conversation gets going, you’ll definitely want to be a part of it What’s your price tag? You know, the amount of money it would take for you to compromise your values, your integrity. Do the ends justify the means? Not even close. At least, that’s how it seems in Boots Riley’s directorial debut, [...]

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Food Dude
New kids and how they measure up

In terms of per store profits, Chick-Fil-A is by far the most successful American chain restaurant. McDonald’s leads them in total sales and profits but trails them by a lot in per store sales and profits. This is amazing given that the College Park, Georgia, based chain does not open on Sundays, traditionally the day [...]

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Your Neighbors
Making Waterbury green again

With a little help from neighborhood friends, Waterbury Gardens is back in bloom. The project near the corner of Ingersoll Avenue and 48th Street was once a paved roadway. Then it became a garden. After that, unfortunately, it turned into an overgrown garden. “Time, dry summers, and harsh winters” took their toll, said a community newsletter. Fortunately, two Waterbury [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The much-needed parade

We all need a reprieve. The summer evening is hot and close. Steam rises up from the damp grass. Only mosquitoes and myself are out. I suspect folks are a little tired after the flash floods turned backyards and basements into water parks. I know I am. Lord, there are still mattresses and washing machines [...]

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Center Stage
Celebrating theater, getting ‘Intimate’

Cloris Leachman embraces her namesake awards. Each August, a celebratory event unites the Greater Des Moines theater scene. The final Sunday marks the Greater Des Moines Cloris Leachman Awards for Theatre Excellence, now in its fourth year. Inspired by the pinnacle of theater recognition, the Tony Awards, the Cloris Awards echo the legacy and vision [...]

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Cityview’s question of the week

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