Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Film Review
Undone by broad strokes

“Pride” 2 stars Rated R 120 minutes Comedy Starring: Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West All attempts fail at forcing a by-the-numbers narrative template on a fact-based story about unlikely bedfellows uniting against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s mid 1980s reign of anti-union and anti-gay rhetoric and public policies. Newbie screenwriter Stephen Beresford plays a game […]

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The Sound
The evolution of Matisyahu

Born Matthew Miller, Matisyahu’s career has served as a reflection of the man. It started in 2004 when Matisyahu made waves with the single “King Without a Crown.” The song was a critical and commercial success artistically, but more important to many people was Matisyahu’s loud and proud declaration of his Orthodox Jewish faith. So […]

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Belly Up
Explore the flavors of Italy with a visit to Centro

If you’re familiar with the popular food and drink scene of Des Moines, chances are you’ve heard the name George Formaro more than once or twice. He’s the well-known chef and restaurateur behind a slew of prime eateries, including the Italian-inspired Centro. The restaurant has an elegant yet relaxing feel to it. The clean white […]

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Cover Story
Paranormal prom

Standing in the second floor hallway of the old Farrar Elementary School, I’m not feeling very spooky. Maybe it’s the time we’re here. It’s a couple hours before sunset, so bright light is streaming in the windows and birds are singing outside. But whatever the reason, the 90-year-old building — while run down and definitely […]

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Locker Room
The smell of manure in the morning

With the weather cooling down and the winds picking up, time is running out for comfortable running outside. Make the most of the next couple weeks and get out as much as you can. To start, check out the Wild Boar Challenge (WBC) obstacle course. “There are water- and mud-oriented obstacles, hay bales, trenches, and […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

How much do you typically tip the wait staff when dining out?

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