Monday, March 30, 2015

Center Stage
The war within

For a minute halfway into “My Name is Asher Lev,” nothing matters so much as a shadow. The dark profile of the title character, a budding artist, falls across a blank canvas, while his mentor prods him to do better — to leave his mark. What’s more, the shadow evokes Asher’s struggle with his culture, […]

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The Sound
Learning to fly

Flyleaf had an interesting problem on its hands. Normally, when an act achieves some level of success in the realm of “Christian music,” it is not uncommon to see that band attempt to downplay its ties to the Christian community. Not necessarily for any lack of faith, but out of fear of alienating a secular […]

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Film Review

For starters, here’s a caveat for this week’s review: I am not a teenage girl, so I acknowledge that I am not the target audience for “Insurgent.” Now, the caveat to my caveat: I am also not the target audience for “Frozen,” but I can still tell a good movie when one is present. “Insurgent” […]

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Cover Story
Taking charge

There is a new music venue opening in Des Moines soon. Anyone even mildly interested in, or associated with, the local music scene will tell you this is a good thing, in no small part because it seems like quality places that support local music have become something of an endangered species lately. However, to […]

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Belly Up
The View Nightclub offers four bars in one

With bold makeup, big hair and bigger personalities, drag shows provide entertainment for countless Des Moines residents. Man or woman, gay or straight, you’ll find all types of people gathered to watch the shows. The View club has opened in the former Le Boi location, and it’s new and improved in countless ways. Previously one […]

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Food Dude
Family-style Mexican in Valley Junction

One definition asserts that romance is whatever transports one to another time or place. That helps explain why people enjoy restaurants set in offbeat venues that have been repurposed. Diners seek to escape their mundane circumstances as much as readers of Victorian romances do. Iowa offers many opportunities for this kind of dining. Elkader Jail […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Is annual compensation of $52,000 for Des Moines' mayor:

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Duffy's View
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