Sunday, November 29, 2020

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Feature Story
World Record

Remember the first time you witnessed “Guinness World Records”? Recall the majesty of seeing a man standing nearly 9 feet tall? Or a woman not quite 3 feet high? Or the person who can juggle fire and eat Doritos with his feet while ordering drive-through cheese sticks and making his own milkshake in record time? [...]

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Feature Story
In chaos, there is opportunity

In Blake Edwards’ 1959 film “Operation Petticoat,” a devious junior officer played by Tony Curtis seizes a moment of war panic to acquire some things of value. “In chaos, there is opportunity,” he says, driving off on a looting mission. The food industry has a long history of re-invention during times of chaos. The restaurant [...]

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Business Feature
The COVID-19 shopping pivot

The days of walking into a real estate open house unannounced or shaking hands with the salesperson from whom you purchase a car are seemingly gone. From the moment COVID-19 first came onto the scene in March, business sectors have taken action to change their business, offer contact-less interaction and ensure the needs of customers [...]

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Political Mercury
Top 10 possible 2024 Republican White House candidates in Iowa

Our coverage of the 2024 presidential election started — for me, at least — on Oct. 1, 2020 — well over a month before the Nov. 3 election. U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, a Harvard-educated Arkansan, campaigned in Carroll and elsewhere in Iowa for Sen. Joni Ernst. But was he really, really here for Ernst? Well, [...]

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Film Review
Watch a potted plant instead

Well, that was unfortunate. This was what I thought after seeing the latest Sofia Coppola work. This movie has Bill Murray in it, and Bill Murray is a national treasure. So why is Bill Murray in this waste of a movie? No question, I give Bill Murray five stars, but giving this movie five stars [...]

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Food Dude
Unrvld and Opa!

It takes a brave heart to open a restaurant business in the reigning realm of fear and seclusion. One also needs a quality product to peddle. Fortunately, the owners of Unrvld and Opa have both. Unrvld is a Texas-style barbecue that opened in July on EP True Parkway. They have seen long lines since then [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten

November is the annual food issue here at CITYVIEW. For the size of Des Moines, we have a lot going on when it comes to restaurants and food — maybe even too much for our own population to really sustain. However, to better understand where we are today, we need to look to the Italian [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Between donuts

We sit on the bench. Both of us mouths open, heads leaned back, eyes wide. Glazed donuts melting in our hands as we watch. Clearly, no parent is in charge of the two of us. We grab a second donut before the show really begins. BIG TREE CUTTING. . . starring tree cutters and a [...]

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Center Stage
Is that a glimmer of stage lights we see at the end of this dark cultural tunnel?

Two-hundred-and-nine days. That is how long it has been since the Des Moines Community Playhouse has presented live theater in its mainstage performing hall. It was the last of the local producers to do so. While they created an outdoors experiment with their drive-in theater in the parking lot, theater, as patrons know and expect [...]

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Civic Skinny
How Norris edged Marasco for the top county job. Tirrell sentencing delayed. Fired WOI-TV boss sues.

The hiring of political veteran John Norris to be the new county manager — which was expected to be announced after CITYVIEW went to press — was not without its drama. There were two finalists for the $230,000-a-year job vacated in June by Mark Wandro — well-connected state and national Democratic Party stalwart Norris and [...]

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