Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cover Story
Keeping pace

The Hy-Vee Triathlon had a rich, if not spectacularly long, history. Started in 2007, the event immediately made waves in the racing world by offering the largest prize in triathlon history, $200,000 each for the men’s and women’s elite winners. That would be a trend that Hy-Vee would continue throughout the event’s life, offering the […]

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Tech Talk
5 steps to become a web billionaire

To the uninspired and greed-fueled, the modern web must be secretly infuriating. Parroting a phrase I heard time and time again in the photography showcase at the Iowa State Fair, the Internet inspires a lot of “I could do that.” From food blogs to silly YouTube video producers, it seems thousands of talentless hacks are […]

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Film Review

“No Escape” follows Jack Dwyer, played by Owen Wilson, and his wife Annie (Lake Bell). Jack is moving Annie and their two small daughters to an unnamed Asian nation (though geography dictates that it has to be either Cambodia or Laos) after taking a job with a multinational corporation that is doing something with Malaysia’s […]

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The Sound
True to their hearts

Irish musical act Celtic Thunder has graced these pages before, having brought its highly theatrical show to the Civic Center last November. But in addition to touring and recording with the larger group, two of Celtic Thunder’s members have been engaged in a much more intimate act for the past three years and change. “The […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Dressed for success

A suburban Garden of Eden exists south of University Avenue in West Des Moines. Law offices, corporate buildings and restaurants are all set within wide manicured green spaces with flowers and trees and wide swept sidewalks. It’s all sparkly and fresh and new and clean. People show themselves only briefly as they hustle from their air-conditioned […]

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Nightlife Photos
New Photos Every Week!

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