Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Feature Story
Go fish!

Central Iowa offers plenty of fish in its streams, lakes, ponds and rivers. If you need a reason to get outdoors this summer, these fishing stories might get you hooked. Ice-cold air conditioning is one effective remedy for July’s oppressive mid-summer heat. But, if after a brutal work week, you’d prefer knocking the edge off [...]

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Feature Story
Blitz on blight

Des Moines leaders target nuisance property owners. Des Moines city leaders will be more aggressive with nuisance properties now that they have the money to demolish them. Officials hope income from the local-option sales tax will give them a boost for their “Blitz on Blight” campaign that will target more than 200 properties — some [...]

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Feature Story
Re-entering society

Overwhelming majority of ex-cons struggle in their return, but second chances go a long way in easing the integration. Literature, Hollywood, sports, music and politics have given the lie to thereality of ex-convicts returning to the general workplace. The romantic imagescreated by the examples of a few success stories do not reflect the stacked oddsagainst [...]

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Civic Skinny
Social Club woes, a ‘gripping noir-ish thriller’ and Radar Heights

Editor’s Note: Michael Gartner was out this month, so the rest of us scrubs pulled together the following. The Des Moines Social Club is “in financial hot water” and “looking to reorganize,” according to recent headlines. A nonprofit’s non-profitability isn’t ordinarily news, but the downtown entertainment venue is bankrolled largely by public grants, charitable giving [...]

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Political Mercury
They is us — and Iowa needs more of us, ISU president says

Meanwhile, many are confused to the point of feeling trapped in a looping Abbott and Costello “Who’s-on-First” routine. In the war over pronouns, people who identify as neither fully male nor female on the sexual spectrum, are increasingly demanding respect, and Iowa State University’s president unequivocally backs a position of inclusivity. Anyone looking to turn [...]

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Film Review
Time to hang up the Neuralyzer

You may go watch “Men in Black: International” for Hemsworth and Thompson, but you will stay for Nanjiani. If you’re reading this, then that means they got you. Don’t worry. I was fooled, too. You see, nostalgia is a powerful thing. That memory we share of a time when our country was welcoming to travelers [...]

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Food Dude
Trostel’s Greenbriar – culinary gunslinger

This place is on my list of top five restaurants in Iowa. July is America’s month of reckoning with all that is true and constant in our makeup. We celebrate traditions with a bombast of fireworks and pride, returning home to pay respect to roots, friendships and blood. The other 11 months are filled with [...]

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Your Neighbors
New fire chief

Safety comes first for Pleasant Hill’s first full-time female fire chief. Of the 30,000 fire departments in the United States, about 150 of them have a female fire chief — according to womeninfire.org. Less than 5 percent of firefighters are female. On June 11, Pleasant Hill’s City Council voted unanimously to buck those trends as [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Wearing purple

An old man getting an earring wasn’t cool 25 years ago. Sonya Rumbly smiles. A wide friendly smile. One that puts me at ease even though I’m surrounded by narrow walls of pink and glitter. Pink-and-glitter purses, pink-and-glitter backpacks, pick-and-glitter necklaces. Claire’s in Merle Hay Mall must be a paradise for 13-year-olds. And me. “I’ll [...]

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Center Stage
Young performers take center stage in July musicals

Newspaper tycoon Pulitzer versus paperboys in historically based musical The Des Moines Community Playhouse has developed a strong reputation for delivering lavish Broadway musicals. In this centennial year, it will roll out an eagerly anticipated one: “Disney’s Newsies The Broadway Musical.” This smash hit show, based on the 1992 film, is inspired by the New [...]

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