Friday, June 22, 2018

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Who has your data?

And what are they doing with it? Swipe your loyalty card at the grocery store, and all of those purchases are now tracked. Browse for an item on a company’s website, and the next time you’re on your computer, an ad will likely show up for that product or another from that company. Track your food and exercise in [...]

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Featured Story
Legends of the game

Ripping up the rulebook with slow-pitch softball heroes as they share their best on-field moments Slow-pitch softball is played nightly by all kinds of people at various levels of competition. Power hitters dominate the sport, and one such super-slugger forced Des Moines’ leagues to rip up the rulebook. “His name is Justin Butler, and he [...]

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Featured Story
Summer music festivals

The season just got even hotter It’s finally here. The season Iowans dream about on dark and frigid February nights. The landscape is once again lush and green, sweat beads form immediately after stepping outside, and there’s music in the air: It’s summer music festival season. You want a festival near a river? There are four. How about country music? [...]

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Civic Skinny
What budget cuts? What pay freeze? Coaches get raises, athletic budgets keep growing. Food fight in East Village.

The budget cuts and pay freezes at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University have some big exceptions: Athletic budgets aren’t touched, and coaches will continue to get very big raises. After a lot of back and forth, legislators in their wisdom cut $40.9 million from the general university appropriations for this fiscal year, [...]

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Political Mercury
Steve King makes his case for re-election to Congress

Protecting the unborn. In answering a wide-open question about what he’d most like to see associated with his re-election campaign, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, didn’t hesitate in spotlighting the anti-abortion beliefs that motivated the now eight-term congressman to enter politics more than two decades ago. “I think people know what I stand for,” King [...]

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Film Review
‘Deadpool 2’ delivers on hilarity, vulgarity and action

Do you like wisecracks and sarcasm in your comedy? Following up from where the first film left off, Deadpool is taking care of business the only way he knows how — wholesale slaughter with a smile. After a job goes south, Deadpool must carve a new spot in life. He meets Russell/Firefist (Julian Dennison), an [...]

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Food Dude
Breaking loose

Some ethnic cuisines here are modeled on the same templates and recipes. There must be more than a dozen Mexican restaurants now that serve pretty much the same menu. Italian restaurants are far more diverse. Mexico is bigger than Italy and tastes change in different regions, yet most places differ little or at all in [...]

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Your Neighbors
All things are as they should be

Friends become family while serving Polish sausages and meat nachos Daisy Duke shorts adorn various customers of both genders as they wait in line for concessions at the Greater Des Moines Softball Park. The sun beams through an American flag whipping in the warm summer wind. The hand of an 8-year-old tightens on the leash [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The bartender’s windows

“I don’t do interviews,” he says without a smile. His eyes sweeping both sides of the bar while he pours the beer. Really? The timbre of his voice catches me by surprise as it rumbles softly across the room like the early hint of an Iowa thunderstorm, dry and gravelly and deep. “Let’s not call it an interview,” I [...]

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Center Stage
Pitch Perfect legacy continues to build

Des Moines Metro Opera prepares for another stellar summer rep season Perhaps the most difficult ticket to get this summer won’t be for a pop concert or sporting event. It will be to the prime performing nights for the 2018 internationally acclaimed Des Moines Metro Opera (DMMO) season. Patrons travel to Indianola from nearly 40 [...]

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