Friday, July 1, 2016

Cover Story
Our look at the day, the declaration, the people and the promise of our American scripture

Odd as it may seem, the first published news about the Declaration of Independence and our glorious Fourth of July was the top “Twitter” post of 1776. In 13 words and 78 letters, the Pennsylvania Evening Post squeezed some late-breaking news onto its Page 4: “This day the CONTINENTAL CONGRESS declared the UNITED COLONIES FREE […]

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On The Tube
Rock on

    “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” is still dumb fun; “Killjoys” returns.   “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Thursday, June 30 (FX) Season Premiere: The debut of Denis Leary’s “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” last summer presaged two rock-centric dramas, HBO’s just-cancelled “Vinyl” and Showtime’s currently-meh “Roadies” — and his occasionally haphazard, always swaggering comedy still nails inter-band relationships better than either. As Season 2 opens, […]

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Civic Skinny
Platforms: Puppy mills, legal drugs, and back to 1913. Culver gets a Y job, with a little help from his friends.

State political platforms mean absolutely nothing, practical politicians agree, but the planks often show where the power lies in the parties. And occasionally a plank is so bizarre it can be used against that party’s candidates. Such is the latest platform of the Iowa Democrats, where — buried among the 563 planks — the party […]

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Political Mercury
The Butz of Trump’s commentary Donald Trump appears to have weathered what Butz could not — and then some. 

What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Earl Butz? Short answer: Trump’s comments about Mexicans and a Mexican-American judge and “my African American” are worse than Butz’s joke — or, for that matter, Trent Lott’s endorsement. Butz’s infamous 1976 racist joke was far less troubling. Then there is Lott’s retro-endorsement in December of 2002, of […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The Paris waiter

  The Paris waiter stands immobile at the top of the sidewalk. Tall. Imposing. White shirt, black vest, white waiter’s arm cloth, black bowtie, white apron, black shoes. Everything is where it should be. His right arm tucked behind his back and left arm bent to drape his white arm cloth, ready to wipe a […]

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Sound Circuit
Whiskey drinkin’ stuff

Matthew James’ voice comes over the phone from his hometown of Carlton, Michigan. The 31-year-old musician moved to Des Moines two years ago, and now he has taken his new band on the road. “We’ve been out for a week,” he said. “Once we get back, we’re gonna finish editing a couple songs, then we’re […]

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Food Dude
Mexican conquest of America

Mexican is the new Italian. Just as Italian chefs dominated the local dining scene after World War II, Mexican chefs are running the kitchens of many restaurants today. Not just Mexican restaurants, either. Many of the city’s best fine dining spots are dependent on Latino line cooks. This is the case all over America, and […]

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Nightlife Photos
New Photos Every Week!

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Cityview’s question of the week

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