Saturday, September 25, 2021

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John Ruan (1943 – 2021)

John Ruan III was raised by a feisty, tough, bare-knuckle man who started with a dump truck in Beacon, Iowa, and ended up with an empire that stretched across the [...]

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Feature Story

Purchasing tickets from scalpers or resellers? Read this first. Is it even a concert, game, event, etc. if you don’t encounter at least one scalper trying to offload tickets at [...]

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Feature Story
What’s in your garage?

Unique finds — and stories — abound. From pristine to cobweb-laden, from tidy to cluttered, from showroom to workshop, area garages run the gamut. But one thing they often have [...]

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Business Feature
Performance evaluations for a changing workforce

Shifting from once-a-year formal reviews to more timely feedback can be a game-changer for both companies and their employees.    Ask any working professional about their thoughts on performance reviews, [...]

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Civic Skinny
The most interesting man in the NFL. Sensory garden opens. Census stats released. Lunches.

Who is the only player in NFL history to throw a touchdown pass for eight different teams? The same person who will soon, in all likelihood, have done so for [...]

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Political Mercury
Defund the police? ‘We have no job for them to do,’ says rural U.S. Senate candidate

Dr. Glenn Hurst wants less-traditional police, more mental-health services. Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Glenn Hurst said Iowans need only look at his small city of Minden to see life [...]

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Film Review
‘Reminiscence’ offers half-remembered cop movie cliches and hard-boiled detective narration

Hugh Jackman does his best Rod Serling impression in this flick that leaves more ideas on the floor than on the screen. “Reminiscence” is a futuristic noir with precious little on [...]

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Food Dude
The Fletcher has lots going on

There is no theme in this place except that it is all cool stuff that owner Denny Elwell enjoys and likes to share.    A trip to Memphis 25 years [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The retirement of John Sarcone

This is not going to be an unbiased examination of John Sarcone’s tenure as Polk County Attorney — with an accompanying hard-hitting look at why he prefers Italian sausage sandwiches [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Remembering 9-11

It was a birthday I will never forget. I woke up on the morning of my 16th birthday like I did any other day and got myself ready for school. [...]

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CITYVIEW's Question of the Week

CITYVIEW’s question of the week

Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandated in Iowa?

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