Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Film Review
Rumsfeld crushes Morris

“The Unknown Known” 4 stars Rated PG-13 96 minutes Documentary Starring: Donald Rumsfeld, Errol Morris, Kenn Medeiros Errol Morris meets his match in Donald Rumsfeld. The notoriously contentious documentarian, whose probing interviews with 1960s secretary of defense Robert McNamara form the finest political documentary ever made (“The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life [...]

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Belly Up
Benchwarmers is a Cyclone bar and more

It’s good to, as they say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Upon surveying the outside of a small, dark joint on Ankeny Boulevard, I wasn’t sure if I’d be eating some great bar food or just eating my words. Fortunately, my curious nature paid off and was rewarded with an energetic and attractive [...]

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Locker Room
Place your bets… thoroughly

It begins with a slow murmur and gradually builds to a calm shake. Then to a noteworthy grumble. Eventually it feels like Iowa may be on a fault line, as the ground quakes beneath spectators’ feet. It’s racing season at Prairie Meadows. It’s time to see speed, feel it and appreciate the athletics it involves. [...]

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Cover Story
A preview of Iowa’s 2014 races Primary colors

For decades, the race for President of the United States has always been front and center in the Iowa political arena. But for the first time in years, the battle for the White House is taking a temporary back seat to the blockbuster state races in the 2014 election. The retirements of long time Senator [...]

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The Sound
Deconstructing Joe Bonamassa

It’s hard to talk to Joe Bonamassa and not talk shop. The urge springs from the desire to deconstruct what he does, in an effort to find out how someone — anyone — who can do it so well. Bonamassa got his start the same way masters ranging from Mozart to Bobby Fischer did: as [...]

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