Monday, May 4, 2015

Cover Story
Vacationing in… Iowa

As the school year winds down and the temperatures climb, families are packing their bags and leaving for summer vacation. But for those looking to save a few bucks, there’s nothing quite like a staycation at one of Iowa’s many tourist destinations. Whether a recent resident or a lifelong Iowan, this beautiful state has much […]

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Belly Up
Step back in time at High Life Lounge

When you look around and see every other person texting, face-timing, blogging and taking selfies, you realize how much you miss the simpler times of previous decades. There’s no denying the positive impact all this technology has made on our world, but wouldn’t it be nice to unplug and step away from it all for […]

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Film Review
More human than human

“Ex Machina” is a terrifying film. It does not get its sense of foreboding from jump scares or gore. There are no demons or ghosts or anything else traditionally scary anywhere to be found. Instead, “Ex Machina,” the directoral debut of screenwriter Alex Garland, is terrifying for two reasons: 1) If humans ever create a […]

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The Sound
Everything and nothing

It would be incorrect to say “Andrew W.K. is not who you think he is.” In point of fact, Andrew W.K. is exactly who everyone thinks he is. The fact that no two people think of him the same way and he is still able to convince everyone they are right is his particular talent. […]

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Food Dude
W China thinks big

Thanks to Lost Des Moines’ Facebook page, the city’s restaurant history is becoming better known. I recently was reminded of Davey’s Supper Club and Curly’s Dinner Club. Both were Highland Park legends before the 1960s. Like the Chickadee (where Gino’s now stands), they specialized in fried chicken. In fact, fried chicken was priced higher than […]

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Locker Room
Capes on the street

Superheroes. These days it seems like everywhere you look — from the movie theatre to shaving razors — you can’t help but see a costumed hero saving the day. While they may not be in our skies, this weekend they’ll at least be hitting streets during the Beaverdale Superhero 5K. “If you look at the […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

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