Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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The Sound
Children of the corn reunite

Read some of the out-of-town interviews with The Faint’s Todd Fink — and he’s recently done plenty of promoting of the band’s newest album, “Doom Abuse” — and you’ll quickly notice that they all start the same way: with a pleasant surprise that good music could come out of a place like Nebraska. “People are [...]

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Film Review
Artificial intelligence by degree

“Transcendence” 3 stars Rated PG-13 119 minutes Drama Starring: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman In spite of its many and assorted plot-holes, “Transcendence” is a captivating sci-fi movie thanks to strong performances from a stable of reliable actors and a romantic hook at the heart of its high-concept trappings. The visually stunning movie is [...]

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Cover Story
From lost to found

“When there’s a fire burning behind you, you don’t get to choose where to go. You just run.” That’s how Wilondja “Willy” Msiando explained how a family gets separated while fleeing from the carnage of war and genocide. He, his wife and their children were forced out of their home in the Democratic Republic of [...]

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Locker Room
Celebrating The Blue Oval

One of Des Moines’ longest-running annual traditions is back this weekend at the tender age of 105 years old. Yet that’s not slowing things down. It’s relay time in Dawgtown, and people from around the world are toeing the line just waiting for the starting gun to fire. “As of right now, there’s 18 Olympic [...]

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Belly Up
Business in the front… kind of, at Mullets

This bar-and-grill is a location to investigate, perfectly poised just out of the way enough to offer a scenic view of the downtown skyline and river ways. Past the fishermen trying their luck over the bridge sits Mullets. One of the first things a guest will likely notice about this riverside bar is the giant [...]

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