Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Feature Story
Hit the road: The finest and quirkiest road trip destinations Iowa has to offer

One summer, my dad took our family across the state on a road-trip frenzy. Every weekend brought us to a new destination. We visited the Field of Dreams, where the [...]

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Feature Story
‘Death Moans’ no more: Food and civic esteem in Des Moines

Webster defines pride as “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or [...]

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Business Feature
Cutting the cord: Are central Iowa consumers ready to drop cable and satellite forever?

Leading cable and satellite TV providers in the Des Moines metro are losing subscribers. Fast. Company-wide, Dish Network lost 583,000 pay-TV subscribers in 2021. Mediacom lost 71,000. DirecTV does not [...]

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Civic Skinny
Traditional parking meters on the out. Political campaign contributions on the rise.

As more employees return to the office and in-person events are scheduled, the City of Des Moines is nearing the completion of its transition away from traditional parking meters. The [...]

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Political Mercury
It’s common sense, non-partisan Iowa group says of reforming cannabis laws

Political Mercury’s Douglas Burns recently conducted an interview with Bradley Knott, the founder of the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis laws. This week, Knott and his team launched the website Knott is a veteran political consultant [...]

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Film Review
‘The Bad Guys’ enlivens a story familiar to cartoon fans young and old

“We may be bad, but we’re so good at it.” Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell), the lupine leader of the larcenous critters at the center of the animated comedy “The Bad [...]

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Food Dude
The Reinhardt Room is for showing off

Four decades ago, the wise men of Des Moines invited architect and prophet Mario Gandelsonas of Princeton to town. Gandelsonas presented a vision of a future Des Moines that predicted [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Art in the Park in 1991

It’s bittersweet to write this piece on the event that would eventually become the Des Moines Arts Festival (DMAF). Since 2011, I had been involved with DMAF and its Interrobang [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
In the gutter in Dublin

The rain is gentle in Dublin, Ireland, unlike the hard rain in Iowa this spring. The rain washes down the old slate roofs, flowing into gutters and spilling into private [...]

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Center Stage
Tallgrass continues a new concert tradition in WDM

In an interesting pondering of name origins, tallgrass prairie “is capable of supporting significant biodiversity. Parts of the ecoregion are among the top ten ecoregions for reptiles, birds, butterflies, and [...]

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