Friday, August 7, 2020

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Feature Story

You can’t turn on the TV, switch on a computer or exist within shouting distance of electricity without being electronically smacked by sirens, flashing lights and urgent-speaking media-types narrating a new controversy involving unseemly acts or heroic deeds of a police officer somewhere. But this story is not about any particular one of those outputs. [...]

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Feature Story
Ultimate Burger Challenge

They are contradictions on a bun, simultaneously the scourge of nutritionists and the piece de resistance for low carbohydrate and paleo dieters — without the bun. Although they have been around for at least 800 years, hamburgers celebrated their 100th birthday in the last decade. Despite being the most popular meal of the American masses, [...]

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Business Feature
Gun sales

Sales of ammunition and guns have increased after the coronavirus spread to central Iowa. The owners of RR Gun Sales in Mitchellville began experiencing an uptick in sales in mid-March, both via phone and in person. At the time, owners were on hold on the phone with wholesalers inquiring about product and when it would [...]

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Civic Skinny
4 notable deaths, 4 lives well-lived. Rich guy gets richer. And Tirrell, of course.

Four well-known Des Moines men — all in their 80s or beyond — died within days of one another last month. All were interesting men who led interesting lives. Owen Newlin and Tom Urban were sons of men who built Pioneer Hi-Bred into one of the great agricultural companies of the world, and each son [...]

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Political Mercury
Memo to white Iowans: Don’t take offense; see yourself in the historical moment, emerging Iowa leader says

Many white Iowans involved in urgent conversations on race in the Hawkeye State digest observations and challenges to institutions — business, political or educational — as insults to them personally, an attack on their whiteness, a reflex that stalls and complicates change, says Stacey Walker, one of Iowa’s ascendant young political leaders. Walker, 32, an [...]

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Film Review
‘The Raid: Redemption’ action, choreography are brilliant

When it comes to non-stop action, “The Raid” does not disappoint. From the first frame of the ticking watch, it is clear that as long as this film may have been, it seems so much longer. With a color scheme that matches the hazy shades of winter, writer/director Gareth Evans creates some of the most [...]

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Food Dude
St. Kilda Collective

St. Kilda is an old town south of Melbourne, Australia, that is quite famous for its restaurant scene, beach and sunsets. The new restaurant named for it in Valley Junction represents a gorgeous restoration of an old historic building in Valley Junction that was most recently a dance studio and most famously a car dealership. [...]

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Your Neighbors
SCAD sisters

As she pulled and pushed and worked the lawnmower through the rougher-than-usual grass, Johanna Hayes felt her chest tighten and her heart race. She should have been hot, but instead she felt a cold sweat. “I must be really out of shape,” she scolded herself as she stopped to rest. But by any objective measure, [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
A vision from a paper-towel dispenser

Would it help your pandemic doldrums if someone told you that you are special? Of course, that “someone” may be a complete lunatic. Fine. But why not pay your money and take a chance? I’ve generally been good with the fallout from the coronavirus — picking up groceries from masked teenagers; Zoom conversations with family [...]

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Center Stage
Cloris Awards

There has never been anything like the current pandemic’s influence on the live performing arts. Local and regional disasters have stopped theater before, but nothing has had such an insidious and pervasive impact in bringing this multi-billion dollar creative industry to a screeching halt. This pandemic has affected the youngest in local community theater classes [...]

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