Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Feature Story
Summer Arts + Entertainment

Here comes the fun, again… Central Iowa’s summer agenda offers loads of live music, on-stage action, art, film, outdoor endeavors and events. Ready? Set. Seize the sunshine!  Good mornin’… sunshine! [...]

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Business Feature
Help wanted — and quickly!

More than 66,000 job openings are listed through Workforce Development. As businesses start to reach the “light at the end of the tunnel” and fully reopen as COVID-19 wanes and [...]

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Civic Skinny
Great mentions and trial balloons: What’s going on in Iowa politics?

Reporter Jim Flansburg’s mind and notebooks were filled with the odd fact, the strong suspicion, the half-story that he never could develop into a piece that would stand alone in [...]

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Film Review
‘Army of the Dead’

What’s the deal with those robot zombies? Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” displays, and sustains, the filmmaker’s signature brand of punch-drunk verve — at least, in certain stretches. An [...]

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Food Dude
The Baja and the Horn

Gursha Ethiopian Grill and Baja Cocina supply the newest examples of the metro’s growing diversity. The cuisine of Des Moines continues to become more exotic. Two of the world’s greatest [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Remembering Harmon’s Barbershop

The origins may be a bit hazy, but the memories are clear. I have been a patron of the Roosevelt Barbershop for nearly 10 years, and I expect to be [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The arrival of goldfinches

The end of one time and the beginning of another.  The goldfinches land on the feeder, quickly eat, then dart away. Dine and dash. They don’t hang around with the [...]

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Center Stage
More companies offering live theatre options

There are sunnier days ahead for the live arts scene.  The performing arts landscape has been like an Iowa springtime. Patrons impatiently endure an extended winter of desolation, waiting and [...]

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Sound Circuit
Country Cam in Concert

Big Country Bash returns in July. When country musician Camaron Ochs (known as Cam) returns to touring this summer, it might have a historic feel. “It’s going to be an emotional, [...]

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Political Mercury
Muhlbauer running for Grassley’s Senate seat

Manilla Democrat plans to spotlight farming, education, infrastructure and health care. Former Crawford County Supervisor Dave Muhlbauer, a Manilla farmer and cattleman with deep family roots in rural Iowa politics, [...]

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CITYVIEW’s question of the week

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