Friday, August 1, 2014

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Belly Up
Barcadium travels back in time with vintage arcade games

Remember back when you and all your friends would hole up in somebody’s living room to play games and drink? There were good people, a variety of things to do so no one got bored, the comfort of your own home and your favorite seat — what more could you ask for? That’s the same […]

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Locker Room
On a full stomach

Sometimes runners take extra care about what they eat and drink in the weeks and days leading up to a race. Maybe they’ll carbo-load, order extra servings of broccoli and beans or drink gallons of water. Then there are races that buck the traditional triathlon style for something a little more unique — a little […]

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The Sound
Defining success

Success is a relative term. For example, by being signed to a major label, Sevendust can ostensibly be deemed more successful than 90 percent of the bands out there. However, by any purely commercial measure, the band’s success has always been of the middling variety. But it’s safe to say that the band has done […]

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Film Review
Prolific but redundant

“Magic in the Moonlight” 3 stars Rated PG-13 97 minutes Comedy Starring: Colin Firth, Antonia Clarke, Natasha Andrews Woody Allen has mastered the art of making the same trivial film over and over again. His “Blue Jasmine” experiment was an exception that resulted in an utter failure of tone. Part of the problem was Cate […]

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Cover Story
2014 Swimsuit Edition

For the past four years, we have brought you photos of local models in swimsuits in this annual edition. Much like last year, we packaged all the photos in the front part of our regular weekly Cityview and wrapped it all in a glossy cover. This issue has become such a reader favorite that copies […]

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Cityview’s question of the week

Which college football team will post the most wins this season?

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Valley Junction Art Market
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