Sunday, March 1, 2015

Film Review
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If you could break life down into a series of Venn diagrams, at the point where the circles for “people who like sports” and “people who like movies” intersect, you would find “Kevin Costner fans.” Say what you will about Costner’s complete body of work, but there is no denying the fact the man knows […]

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The Sound
Sardinas does it his way

Eric Sardinas is a road warrior. He’s one of those guys who never seem to find commercial success, even in the face of blinding talent. Sardinas makes up for the lack of radio play by relentlessly touring and getting in front of fans the old fashioned way: one stage at a time. “For the last […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
A bird’s eye view of wrestling

You couldn’t make it? Too bad. It was Iowana at its best. From across the state, young men and women came to compete at the Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament — to see who was the strongest, the quickest and the most clever. They did moves like the half nelson, the single leg takedown, […]

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Cover Story
Best of Des Moines

Every year, Cityview holds its Best Of Des Moines contest to honor those people and businesses that are doing things right in the community. The awards have grown even bigger this year, with new categories and thousands of voters sharing their opinions on everything from the Best Onion Rings in Des Moines to the Best […]

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Belly Up
Get your game on at Ricochet

Most everyone loves a good night out, as it’s usually great to have dinner with friends and hit the bars for drinks. Inevitably, those drinks turn into several rounds and, hey, why not a round of shots for the table, too? At the risk of sounding like the classic MasterCard campaign, dinner can add up […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Do you think Gov. Terry Branstad will run for another term?

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