Monday, July 16, 2018

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Feature Story

Drop social media. Ditch your car. Declutter your living space. Detox your diet. People I Work With: “Hey, man, it was great to work with you. I’m going to add you on Facebook.” Me: “Sorry, dude, I am not on there.” People I Work With: “That’s cool. I’ll just get you on Instagram.” Me: “Not there [...]

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Feature Story
The future of Iowa’s newspapers

How will the state’s most trusted news source stack up in the years to come? He and she never met, likely never even heard of one another. Yet here they are, leading an article about the future of Iowa newspapers. That’s because their views reflect so well what you’ll hear from many Iowa editors and publishers who argue [...]

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Feature Story
Fair enough

If the Iowa State Fair isn’t your thing, then check out all these other great things to do this month The State Fair is Iowa’s biggest event. In a state with roughly 3 million people, the Fair reports more than 1 million attendees. Fair fanatics are too loyal to ever stray, and CITYVIEW wouldn’t insinuate anyone should miss it. [...]

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Civic Skinny
The FBI is asking about Marty Tirrell as he keeps scamming. Reynolds likes some millionaires — if they’re Republicans.

The FBI is asking questions about Marty Tirrell. An agent has contacted several people and is asking about “anything and everything,” according to one person who was questioned. The FBI regional office in Omaha wouldn’t comment, but generally when the agency starts asking about someone it’s not good news for that someone. The once-popular sports-talk [...]

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Political Mercury
Defend the billionaire, attack the millionaire

Grassley says Republicans’ economic-class-based strategy against Hubbell is “a problem.” Back in 1976, we gathered as kids around the console TV for what amounted to national viewings of primetime movies, big events, like John Travolta’s “Boy In The Bubble.” It seemed an awful, isolated life for this plastic-protected kid, born with a deficient immune system, [...]

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Film Review
You’re it

“Tag” is a fine callback to the sprawling ensemble comedies of the 1980s. “You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing.” While on the surface this might sound like a modern retelling of The Twilight Zone’s classic episode “Kick the Can,” in which we see a group of [...]

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Food Dude
Sports bars carve new identities

Establishing an identity in the restaurant world is wrought with the same anxieties as it is for a teenager. How can you stand out as unique and still fit in and be popular? (Remember dinner theater?) If you try to be the first one to try something new, will anyone accept you? (Des Moines’ first [...]

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Your Neighbors
Waukee native returns home for a pair of country performances

To many younger Iowans, Nashville, Tennessee, might seem like an unreachable city of dreams, similar to New York City or Los Angeles. But these two Midwesterners are proving that, contrary to parts of the country’s beliefs, talent does come from Iowa. Rob Donovan and Faith Haroldson first met on a blind date set up by [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Synchronized swimming: art or drowning?

FINA artistic swimming rules. A Ballet Leg is assumed. Maintaining this position, the body is rotated backwards around a lateral axis through the hips to assume a Fishtail Position. The horizontal leg is lifted to a Vertical Position. A Vertical Descent is executed. I don’t understand a word FINA is saying. “Vertical Descent?” “Fishtail Position?” [...]

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Center Stage
A summer of song and dance

Three big musicals rule the stages this season What do a Greek island, a high school and an archaic girls basketball game share? They are the settings for musicals, those magical, out-of-reality performing arts works where actors spontaneously burst into song and dance. Over the next several weeks, beat the summer heat with a little [...]

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Cityview’s question of the week

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