Friday, December 13, 2019

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Feature Story
Twas the night before: A Christmas classic for the holidays

Publisher’s note: Thirty-eight years ago, when Michael Gartner was editor of The Des Moines Register, he walked over to the desk of writer Bob Hullihan and said, “How about writing me a Christmas classic for the holidays?” Hullihan said, “Sure.” And he did. It ran in the Register and years later in the Ames Tribune. [...]

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Feature Story
2019 Des Moines’ most likeable people

A social networking contest and charity event During Roman gladiator fights, getting the thumbs down was a signal to the victorious fighter to put his sword down and spare the life of the loser. The thumbs up, on the other hand, meant death for the conquered party. But CITYVIEW’s Des Moines’ Most Likeable People contest [...]

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Business Feature
The evolution of office technology

We have come a long way since carbon paper. Technology is constantly changing, which means office equipment and devices have continually evolved through the years. With that evolution has come the extinction of some equipment, changes in others, and the creation of many new products that have sped up the business world and made today’s [...]

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Civic Skinny
Tirrell makes a plea deal, faces 20 years. ‘Cultures of Basketball’ course for U of I.

Marty Tirrell, the sports-talk guy who shouted on the radio but smooth-talked friends, wives, relatives, acquaintances, advertisers and strangers as he bilked them out of millions of dollars, has made a plea deal with federal prosecutors.   On Dec. 6, he pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud, and the Government agreed to drop [...]

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Political Mercury
AOC’s straight talk rocket fuels Democrats

Scholten “talks common” in Iowa’s small towns. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress and a politician with an instinctive connection to younger and blue-collar voters, called for a “political revolution of working people” in a raucous rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Council Bluffs on a recent Friday night [...]

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Film Review
‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

A thoughtful, textured contemplation of how we can effectively deal with our expectations, disappointments and imperfections Once upon a time, a long time ago, a man took off his navy-blue sport jacket and put on a red sweater. Then he took off his shoes and put on a pair of sneakers. His name was Fred [...]

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Food Dude
Noah’s still floats the ark

It’s survived multiple fires, the deaths of two owners, other natural disasters, and the loss of parking lot access from Grand Avenue. Doing interviews lately about the lost restaurant traditions of Iowa, I started wondering what has not been lost but would be deeply missed if it was. This is obviously a geographically specific question. [...]

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Your Neighbors
En pointe with Eleanor Danaan

From biscuit feet to bananas, ballet offers high-energy action. In the beginning of Eleanor Danaan’s ballet life, the young dancer’s feet were shaped like biscuits. “They were… we call them biscuits,” she remembers. “That is when they are just like a claw. I had biscuit feet. But then you stretch them, and now I have [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
The peanut butter caper

Am I being punished for secretly liking romance novels featuring a pirate as the main character? Pick up backpack. Shuffle one step. Set down backpack. Breathe. Turn around to see if I’m somehow miraculously closer. I’m not. Pick up backpack. Shuffle one step. Set down backpack. Breathe. Turn around. Listen, I had plenty of warning [...]

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Center Stage
Christmas infused in December shows

“The Four Days of xMas” gives one of the metro’s newest venues its holiday christening. A variety of Christmas-themed shows dominate the performance scene in our market this December. The Des Moines Community Playhouse, Ankeny Community Theatre, xBk Live, and Iowa Stage Theatre Company each have a show with “Christmas or Xmas” in its title. [...]

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CITYVIEW's Question of the Week

CITYVIEW’s question of the week

Did you put up a Christmas tree in your home?

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