Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Joe's Neighborhood
A homemade sweater

  “Why thank you. You are so kind to think of me. A homemade sweater. Yes, those are bright colors you knitted. Neon, aren’t they? Wow, look at that size. No, I’m sure I’ll grow into it.” My, oh my. A gift of love to be sure. Perhaps given to you by your Aunt Edna […]

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Locker Room
Shake it up and stretch it out

Exercising with a group of strangers? Pass. Attending a dance party with a group of strangers? Yes. Somehow combine the two to create a unique experience that breaks down your self-conscious nature as well as your body fat? Zumba! “If you talk with children and ask them if they can dance, they will almost always […]

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Film Review
There and back again

  “The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies” Rated PG-13 144 minutes Starring: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage The age of natural wonder is over for films. No longer do we leave the theater asking each other “How did they do that?” because we know the answer is almost always “computers.” We […]

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Cover Story
Our annual Christmas Classic

The waterbug had grown old and weary. And he was alone. He was the only one of his kind left in the house. He knew he would never survive the next spring cleaning. He could not scurry away from the poison sprays anymore. Still, the waterbug had been so clever in his youth, and he […]

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Belly Up
If you like wine, you’ll love +39

  Iowans used to have to make a trip to the nearest Olive Garden to get a taste of Italy. Similar restaurants offer varieties of pasta and wines, but none so authentic as to make diners feel as though they are really on an Italian vacation. None, that is, until the real flavors of Italy […]

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The Sound
The sound of one hand clapping

  We live in a fickle world. There are few acts that understand this in the way that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah do.   With the release of its 2005 self-titled debut, the Philadelphia based five-piece seemed poised as the next big thing. They were supposed to be the harbinger of a more democratic, […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Do the positive contributions from Iowa's legalized gambling outweigh the societal problems that it creates?

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