Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Feature 1
Des Moines’ Ultimate Burger
Cast your vote and learn about the history of hamburgers in central Iowa

  Each fall, Cityview opens a contest to let our readers select the ultimate local version of a popular food. Sandwich lovers picked B&B Grocery Meat & Deli’s pork tenderloin as the ultimate sandwich. Steakhouse fans went with Chicago Speakeasy, noodle lovers chose Noodle Zoo, and barbecue aficionados selected Woody’s. Twice we held pizza runoffs, […]

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Feature 2
Learn how Iowans were chosen as contestants on TV game shows

“Danielle Tooorrrrezzzz, come on down!” Many have wondered what it would be like to hear the iconic call of announcer George Gray on “The Price Is Right.” Like many central Iowans, Danielle Tewes grew up watching the show, and she’d always dreamed of hearing her name called. Last summer, the Iowa State student was in […]

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Feature 3
In 1922, the 7-0 Drake football surprised the nation and paved the way for future success.

Four score and 15 years ago, an unpromising group of 23 men assembled for Drake’s first football practice. The team had lost five standout players to graduation, at a time when just 11 athletes started and played both offense and defense. That left coach Oscar Monty “Ossie” Solem less than confident about the upcoming 1922 […]

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Political Mercury
Rural Iowa’s stupid bet will give Des Moines and suburbs defining political power

A soulless suburban sprawl spills out of Des Moines and other urban centers. Many of you reading this are living in it. But rural Iowans like me bemoan, where have the young people gone? The answer is Waukee, of course. You’re barely out of the Sweet Corn Festival parade route in Adel before you hit […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
A tall woman on being tall

    A woman is running along a narrow pole in Strasbourg, France. That much is clear. But straight up in the air? She certainly is striding strong, arms outstretched, thumbs up, pushing off at the toes, head pulling forward. A sculpture. Frozen. But with just a few more steps, she will have to answer […]

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Civic Skinny
Nationwide warrant issued for Luebke after 8th OWI arrest. Frank Severino leaving county job for Federal court post.

UPDATE 8/29/2016: Steve Luebke was arrested for parole violation and sent back to Polk County jail on Saturday, Aug. 27.  On Sunday, the court ordered him to be transferred to the Iowa Medical Classification Center in Oakdale with the order that he ultimately be sent to corrections facilities in Newton or Oakdale until his parole-violation hearing […]

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Lunch With
Lunch with… Maggi Moss

  Success and notoriety have paced Maggi Moss through several careers that few Iowans have enjoyed even once. She rode out of Madison Square Garden three years in a row as the national equestrian champion, stunning the blue-blooded easterners who doubted civilization existed in Iowa. She was a feared prosecutor and later a defense attorney […]

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Art Pimp
Ladies’ month in the art scene

Perhaps because, as Picasso remarked, artists are children who never grow up, the art world marks time to a school year calendar. Summer is for vacation, frivolity and fairs. September returns the arts to more serious things. It is no different this year, although the better nature of this month’s art scene is more feminine […]

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At Home With

“Chickens go insane over watermelon,” according to Lee Ford. As an urban farmer living just outside Des Moines’ city limits, he should know. Ford grew up in East Los Angeles, and, as a youth, he didn’t know how his life would play out. Sizing up the sanity of chickens wasn’t even on the radar of […]

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Collections & Hobbies
Blacksmithing with the four elements

Deep in the heart of Greg Malone’s garage, a bright light shines in the darkness, heat radiates from the open garage door, and the sound of metal hammering against metal rings out. Malone lives within a stone’s throw of the seller of the least expensive form of any item in the western world, Walmart, but […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Should professional athletes in America be required to stand during the national anthem at games?

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