Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Feature Story
Twas the night before: A Christmas classic for the holidays

Publisher’s note: Thirty-eight years ago, when Michael Gartner was editor of The Des Moines Register, he walked over to the desk of writer Bob Hullihan and said, “How about writing me a Christmas classic for the holidays?” Hullihan said, “Sure.” And he did. It ran in the Register and years later in the Ames Tribune. [...]

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Feature Story
Fresh Ice!

The building that is now known as Buccaneer Arena opened 60 years ago. Back then, the Des Moines Buccaneers didn’t exist. Instead, the venue housed minor league professional franchises, but by the late 1970s, the rink was vacant and struggling to attract another team. At this same time, the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey squad stopped [...]

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Business Feature
20 From 2020: Business people who made a difference

For business leaders, each year presents its own set of challenges. However, none have been quite like the challenges of 2020, which included the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as with most challenges, area leaders demonstrated innovation and perseverance, and successes are to be found. Each and every day — even in 2020 — good things are [...]

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Civic Skinny
Merry Christmas

Twelve drummers drumming… …for Helen Eddy, the very busy Polk County health commissioner…and Karen Schunk and all the other women (and men) who make and give away masks to help protect us from the virus…including Linda Cravens, who sends masks to Iowa friends from far-off Salt Lake…and the men and women in the crowded hospitals [...]

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Political Mercury
‘All you see is their eyes’

He knew them by their eyes. That’s about all Wiltsie Cretsinger of Coon Rapids could see of the physicians and nurses who shepherded him through a brutal, 21-day, take-his-breath-away fight with COVID-19 at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll. The medical professionals there were all “gowned up” with two sets of gloves, masks, hair coverings [...]

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Film Review
‘If Anything Happens, I Love You’

“If Anything Happens, I Love You” is a beautiful but excruciatingly painful portrait of a tragedy. It’s the kind of art that is so moving, and so honest, that it feels like it must be coming from personal experience. Instead, it’s the tale that is sadly known by far too many parents in this country: [...]

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Food Dude
Dirt Burger wins CITYVIEW’s Ultimate Burger Challenge

Comedian Shirley Fong-Torres liked telling her audiences that “the Chinese word for vegan translates as lousy hunter.” Vegan comedian Dick Gregory told folks that “only the most evolved level of animal intelligence has been able to raise edible foods.” Those two opinions represent 1,000 years of arguments as to whether eating meat or not eating [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Ingersoll Dinner Theater

The holiday season is in full effect, and those close to me know that this is the time when I typically fall into my normal Scrooge behavior. Why? Well, it starts with Thanksgiving, then numerous November and December birthdays, then Christmas, then New Year’s. Before I know it, every weekend is booked with nonsense, and [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
‘This is going to hurt’

“Joe, this is going to hurt.” No kidding. I lie on my back trying to visualize a white sand beach with crystal blue water and a cabana worker offering an ice-cold beverage in an oversized glass. Instead, my go-to visualization usually involves buying a footlong hotdog with extra mustard from the grill-guy outside Hy Vee. [...]

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Center Stage
The local performing arts scene finding pandemic niches

Creatives often have to embrace patience. This contradicts their strong “take charge” mindset during the creative process. The patience side of performing artists’ yin-yang is currently being tested. They thrive in the live performance environment. They feed off of audience response, while elevating their performances from that stimulation. Many performers, from the local to the [...]

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