Friday, October 9, 2015

Cover Story
Game on

One of the biggest joys of seeing Des Moines grow and improve during the past decade or so is the fact that we now live in a town that features professional sports year-round. Between the Iowa Barnstormers, Iowa Cubs and Iowa Energy, winter, spring and summer are all well stocked with pro talent to enjoy. […]

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The Sound
A masterpiece in the works

Soulfly front man Max Cavalera is no stranger to the metal scene. Before Soulfly started in 1997, Cavelera was the vocalist/guitarist for Sepultura, one of the most influential metal acts of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Co-founding that band when he was just 14, Cavalera has been involved in the metal scene virtually all […]

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Center Stage
Millennials in tight spaces

Tim Wisgerhof liked the lamp. The prop arrived just before a late rehearsal of “Bad Jews,” and Wisgerhof, as set designer, had to approve. Just seeing the man’s smile, you knew the lamp would work; its heavy shade like a weight hanging over some actor’s head. The set, a Manhattan studio skewed across one corner […]

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Film Review
Life on Mars

At the end of the day, maybe the best thing that you can say about “The Martian” is that it illustrates how Hollywood can make the safe, boring story choice and still manage to create a completely engrossing film. “The Martian” is the new Ridley Scott film based on the Andy Weir book by the […]

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Civic Skinny
No taxes are levied on $2.5 billion of Polk property.

The National Pork Producers is headquartered in a handsome building in Clive. It is assessed at $3,291,000. The Fraternal Order of Eagles has a 6,000-square-foot lodge on Bloomfield Road assessed at $308,000. The PEO has its national headquarters in two nice buildings at 37th Street and Grand Avenue in Des Moines; they are assessed at […]

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Nightlife Photos
New Photos Every Week!

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Cityview’s question of the week

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