Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Center Stage
Pinball, vaudeville and murder

Midway through our conversation, Kyle Brantzel started speaking in tongues. First he used a birdlike falsetto, then a gravelly basso, switching off without a hitch. “That’s how you’ve got to do it,” he explained, dropping back into his natural voice (with a hint of a Chicago accent). “After all, you’re 50 percent of the show.” […]

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Cover Story

I admit: I have a beard because I am lazy. Some people do it because it makes them feel more masculine or gives their face more definition. I just hate to shave. The current hip term for good-looking guys with beards is “Lumbersexual.” I am not a Lumbersexual. What I am is lucky I have […]

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The Sound
Big all over

Despite the name, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is just three people: The Reverend himself, Washboard Breezy Peyton and drummer Ben Bussell. But what the band lacks in actual size, it makes up for in sound. Self described as “high energy country blues” Reverend Peyton’s musical output is a potent combination of old fashioned delta […]

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Film Review

I did not realize “Focus” was bad until I realized I had spent an hour wondering what side of the road Brazilians drive on. There is frequently a more than semantic difference between a film that is “good” and one that is “entertaining.” Good films are usually entertaining (though in extremely rare cases, this is […]

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Belly Up
P.F. Chang’s appeals to the masses

Most bars have a whiskey sour, and some have their versions of a Moscow Mule. Going out with friends and family is fun, but things start getting static and boring when you frequent the same places that offer the same beer, the same cocktails, the same wine — the same everything. Sometimes we need to […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Should Iowa's list of those who hold permits to carry handguns be private or public?

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