Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Feature Story
And the envelopes, please…

The Best of Des Moines voting results are in! Inside the following pages, CITYVIEW reveals the winners of its Best Of Des Moines 2019 poll. We are honored to be entrusted with the annual task of tallying these votes — this year we had more than 12,000, which is more than most city council members [...]

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Feature Story
Flying high again

Iowa Barnstormers prepare to defend their Indoor Football League crown. Predicting the outcome of a 14-game football season before the first snap has been taken is akin to sending an e-prayer via Facebook. While the intention may be good, in reality, it’s useless. The same can be said for football prognostication. Sometimes, as the football [...]

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Feature Story
Size matters

And other confusing restaurant myths A favorite junior high school English teacher warned our class about “quality.” At the time, my friends were using the word as an adjective meaning super cool. Basically, Miss Evans reminded us that the word was utterly vague without a modifier. “There is high quality, average quality and bad quality, [...]

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Civic Skinny
Tirrell indicted, faces 30 years in prison. … Sen. Joni Ernst says husband abused her.

A federal grand jury has charged Marty Tirrell with mail fraud, wire fraud, two counts of bank fraud and fraudulent use of another person’s credit card. The charges follow years of scams by the one-time sports broadcaster and talk-show host, scams in which he defrauded friends and employers and advertisers and ticket brokers and allegedly [...]

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Political Mercury
Why Steve King should stay in Congress

Two more years of embarrassment will be an object lesson to King voters who looked the other way for years at his racist words and outrageous observations. (Editor’s note: The following column also published in the Carroll and Jefferson newspapers, which are both owned by Doug Burns’ family and serve readers in Congressman Steve King’s district.)  The Steve [...]

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Film Review

Clunky writing takes audiences out of the story while liberal grievances are presented as informed satire “Vice” is a bold film that leans heavily on dark humor and gonzo flair as substitutes for cold, hard facts to tell the story of one of the most secretive political figures of modern times. Adam McKay’s new film [...]

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Food Dude
Teddy Maroon’s and Wasabi Johnston raise their bars

Ten and 15 years ago, restaurants were trying to reinvent the wheel. Fusion was so free spirited that terrible mistakes were made. Remember bulgogi cupcakes, savory ice cream or haggis pizza? Hopefully you don’t, but I do. Some terrible ideas became ridiculously popular, too, so there will always be more. Think about boneless processed chicken [...]

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Your Neighbors
Plenty of sunshine

The Golden Oldies barbershop quartet produces joy for others while enjoying the music themselves.   Energy immediately fills the air as the four gentlemen, in perfect unison, burst into deep chords of harmony, singing: “This is just the kind of day you dream about, when you open up your mouth a song pops out… Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Welcome to the Shame-A-Palooza

It is with some shame that I acknowledge that I’m a fan of Brené Brown, a shame researcher. I don’t want to be a fan. She is way too popular, way too smart, and way too much a cliché for the manly man I’ve always striven to be. “Jeremiah Johnson,” the old movie Western from 1972, [...]

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Center Stage
‘Dear Evan Hansen’

The show’s DNA explains its award-winning success. The holidays are behind us, and February continues the ramping up of indoors offerings so Central Iowans can experience the unique thrills of live theatre arts. Six-time Tony Winner graces Civic Center stage “Dear Evan Hansen” opens Feb. 5 for a week, part of Des Moines Performing Arts’ [...]

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Cityview’s question of the week

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