Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Sound
Taking snapshots

All bands — well, all the good ones, anyway — are constantly evolving. That evolution stems not from the need to follow trends or the constant reach to stay relevant, but from the fact that bands are living, breathing things, and living things grow. Like rings on a tree, bands can trace their evolution through […]

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Film Review
Less than zero

“The Zero Theorem” 1 star Rated R 107 minutes Drama Starring: Christoph Waltz, Lucas Hedges, Mélanie Thierry Terry Gilliam’s further slide down the stairs of filmic entropy is best summed up in an oft-repeated phrase by his latest film’s hypochondriac protagonist Qohen Leth, “Q” for short. “We are dying.” The editorial expression of Q’s imminent […]

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Cover Story
Our 100 favorite bars

How many Des Moines-area bars have you actually visited? Are you a wanderer of watering holes or a nightlife newbie? It’s not hard to find a good drink in the metro. In fact, the hardest part is probably choosing where to start your night on the town. With hundreds of options, there’s a drink, style, […]

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Locker Room
Whiff-It, whiff it good

After the inaugural Whiffle Ball Classic, Doug Vinsand, Katie Ketelsen, Chris Juhl, Jason Wells and Brian Flynn got together for drinks. Their conversation steered toward setting up a tournament that combined memories of their youth with fundraising. The solution was simple: more Wiffle ball. “We wanted to have a true tournament winner, add a home […]

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Belly Up
Experience the finer things in life at Proof

No matter how hard we try to prove otherwise, Iowa still seems to have the reputation of the typical Midwestern farm state, known for miles of corn- and soybean-lined gravel roads. It’s not surprising, then, that the stigma carries over into most movie, book and any other media portrayals we should be lucky enough to […]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

Which comment best describes how you feel about the Apple iPhone 6?

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