Friday, July 3, 2020

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Feature Story
Summer Arts & Entertainment Guide

COVID-19, coupled with social distancing, facemasks and cancelations, have altered central Iowa’s summer plans in a big way. That is no news flash. But as pandemic restrictions begin to lift, and local organizations adapt and improve sanitization procedures and implement other precautions, the forecast for fun in the area is beginning to clear up. A [...]

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Feature Story
The future of dining and Covid-19 crisis trends

The food business has long operated on the brink of terror. Before the 20th century, when the U.S. became the best-fed country in the history of the world, people were dependent on the whims of the apocalyptic horsemen to feed their families. Prayers and sacrifices were made to save the harvest from famine and pestilence, [...]

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Business Feature
Stocked up

Greg Stoll learned in January from several sources, as well as his own research, that a new virus was about to break out in China. Stoll, who taught international strategic planning for the U.S. Army, regularly reads news from New Zealand and Australia because he believes it to be more nonpartisan. That’s where he first [...]

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Civic Skinny
Cargill gets $822,000 in aid for each of 14 new jobs. Death throes for print Register? A geography puzzler.

Your state and local tax dollars at work: The Iowa Economic Development Authority has granted Cargill $6 million in tax credits and tax refunds, and Monroe County has thrown in another $5.5 million in tax abatements as part of a $233 million expansion of Cargill’s chemical plant in Eddyville. The state grant from the Iowa [...]

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Political Mercury
He saved us from deadly defective products

Walk a box store or surf a retailer’s website with one of our nation’s top product safety advocates, and you’ll see some of the horrors he’s dedicated a professional life to removing from the seemingly, but often deceivingly, safe shelves from which Americans grab the stuff of quick errands or big birthday bashes. In Bethesda, [...]

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Film Review
‘Da 5 Bloods’ can be a huge lesson

From the very first frame to the opening shots of Spike Lee’s epic new Vietnam chronicle (though referred throughout the film by U.S. veterans and Vietnamese soldiers and civilians alike as “America’s War”), “Da 5 Bloods,” it is clear where the film’s heart lies. It all starts with Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most outspoken voice [...]

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Food Dude
Wingz on Wheelz and Fiesta

Change is the only constant. The frustrations of quarantine have inspired some people to become seriously cautious and others to become seriously oblivious of caution. I now get as many dirty looks for wearing a mask as for not wearing one. The city seems to have a much higher percentage of masks than the suburbs. [...]

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Your Neighbors
Random acts of bagpipes

“Someone on our street…has been playing the bagpipes lately, and I love it!” writes one northwest Des Moines neighbor on an online community forum. “…I heard her practicing, (too)…” types another interested ear in the area. “I’m not sure who it is,” responds a third, “but it’s greatly appreciated!! Very cool.” Other neighbors also added [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Social media updo

“Dad, isn’t FaceTime a great way for us to talk during this weird virus time?” The smiling face of my daughter locked down in England greets me. Lively, personable and true to real life. And then I make the mistake of looking at the small screen in the right corner. Ahhhhh! Who is that person? [...]

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Center Stage
Adapting to deliver to theatrical audiences

The COVID-19 pandemic changed all aspects of our lives as it insidiously swept into every corner the world. The world of live performing arts was immediately plunged into a foggy realm of uncertainty. Shows were canceled, then seasons. Audience participation evaporated. This was a catastrophic blow to live theater. Central Iowa was forced into cultural [...]

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CITYVIEW’s question of the week

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