Sunday, December 9, 2018

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Feature Story
Who are des moines’ most likeable people?

Eight men and eight women selected for social networking contest and charity event. “Mirror, mirror of Des Moines, who is the most likeable central Iowan of them all?” For the third straight year, this was the question CITYVIEW asked its readers as it set out to determine the most likeable man and woman in our area. Central Iowa boasts more than [...]

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Feature Story
Twas the night before: A Christmas classic for the holidays

Publisher’s note: Thirty-eight years ago, when Michael Gartner was editor of The Des Moines Register, he walked over to the desk of writer Bob Hullihan and said, “How about writing me a Christmas classic for the holidays?” Hullihan said, “Sure.” And he did. It ran in the Register and years later in the Ames Tribune. [...]

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Feature Story
Citizen’s Arrest

Iowa law allows for it, but those attempting to get involved should be careful. While there’s the rare case of a do-gooder stopping a robbery or vandals, most cases of citizen’s arrest aren’t quite as glamorous. They’re security guards who stop drunk people from fighting or detain shoplifters until police can arrive. Iowa law allows for arrest by a private person if [...]

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Civic Skinny
Merry Christmas

Twelve drummers drumming… …for Gabriel Espinosa and the other 29 new citizens from 16 countries sworn in at a baseball game on July 3…and for Judge Robert Pratt, who swore them in… and the 40,000 or so (who knows?) undocumented immigrants who are changing the state for the better…and the 2,800 or so Dreamers living [...]

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Political Mercury
As your ‘conservative’ columnist, let me report the death threats

Abortion questions elicit extraordinary responses. Back in 2002, Doug Gross smiled widely as he fielded the question. “Your reputation proceeds you,” the Republican candidate for governor said in my office. I’d asked Gross a question I regularly pose to pro-life candidates: If your position on abortion prevails and the procedure is again criminalized, what should [...]

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Film Review
‘Widows’ is an engrossing, methodical, slow-burn story

Cast is phenomenal, story is engaging, and Steve McQueen shows he can make a big studio picture in a way that few other directors even attempt. There’s really no telling how one might react after losing a loved one. The five stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Some might lash out [...]

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Food Dude
Gazali’s trove of delights

The ambiance is collegiate chic. Gazali’s is a secret trove. They have been around since the 1980s when they began in Valley West Mall and have been in their current locale on 25th Street in Dogtown since 2003, yet I am amazed how few people know about them. I think they are often written off [...]

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Your Neighbors
Eddie and Rose

Drake Neighborhood Community Garden offers a place to grow, learn and share at no charge. Those who know Eddie Robinson well say that he is multilingual — speaking English, Spanish and French — and a world-class pool player, mountain climber, master gardener and a breeder of unique types of hot peppers. But what does Eddie [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Miffy comes to Des Moines

Pastry is the world’s language. “I try to show flaws because flaws are human.” Tom Sachs, press release 2008, concerning the Miffy Fountain. Henriette Priester is helping me learn Dutch during my stay in the Netherlands. Not such a big deal, one would think. I figured that with the right motivation and a little time, [...]

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Center Stage
‘Tis the season

Delicious cultural consumption opportunities While America’s marketing machine ramps up into full force not days or weeks but months before the holiday gift-giving season, regional theatres will offer wonderful escapes for us to consider. Live performances are sprinkled on the calendar like candy confectionary on sugar cookies, giving us delicious cultural consumption opportunities. One big [...]

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Cityview's Question of the Week

Cityview’s question of the week

At what age did you quit believing in Santa Claus?

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