Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Feature Story
Des Moines’ Ultimate Pizza

CITYVIEW readers will choose a winner from a hefty list of delicious pies. Favorite foods define cities. New York is a steakhouse town representing the power and energy of the city. San Francisco is a cioppino city built by the labor of its immigrant sailors and fishermen and its great bay. New Orleans is a [...]

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Feature Story
Park Here

Iowa State Fairgrounds area residents cash in on need for overflow parking. Residents from nearly 5,500 homes surrounding the Iowa State Fairgrounds will allow fair-goers to park in their yards during the 11 days of the fair this month. Isaac Swieter is one of those residents. He started parking cars in his yard when he [...]

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Civic Skinny
Godfrey case: a search warrant on judge’s chambers and $4.1 million bill from Conlin. Also: Another cyclist sues city. Opioid data. Steve Leath.

AUGUST 7 UPDATE: Christopher Godfrey’s attorneys have submitted bills of $4,130,673.38 for fees and expenses in the retaliation and discrimination lawsuit he won against former Gov. Terry Branstad and Brenna Findley Bird, who was counsel to the governor. The bills in the seven-and-a-half-year-old case follow a jury verdict of $1.5 million won by Godfrey, the [...]

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Political Mercury
Condolences for Beau first, then questions for Biden

Vilsack influence emerges in former vice president’s national rural plan. Interviewing surrogates, family members, friends or political associates of the actual candidates for office is most often an eye-rolling obligation more than an opportunity for journalists. But there are some notable exceptions. Former Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia was far more entertaining than the candidate [...]

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Film Review
‘Toy Story 4’

It’s difficult not to draw the analogy between young adults moving out of home. Full disclosure: I probably cried for an hour after watching “Toy Story 3.” So you can bet I had some strong opinions going into this newest feature from the TS gang. I mean, as far as conclusions go, “Toy Story 3” [...]

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Food Dude
Harbinger of less expensive things

For three years now, Harbinger is the only restaurant in Iowa whose chef has been recognized by the James Beard Awards as top 20 in the Midwest. It’s a 55-seater that has a distinct personality. It serves no pizza, no burgers, no French fries and no gargantuan plates. Most people in Des Moines expect those [...]

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Your Neighbors
Your new Mrs. Iowa is… Meghan Drane!

A childhood dream comes true. “I’m a military wife,” explains Meghan Drane. “I’m a mom of four. I’m from Iowa. We’ve lived on the East Coast, West Coast and Europe.” That is her story, but it is not her whole story. “That is who I’m married to,” she continues. “That is who I parent, but [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
50 kids and a free lunch

Tell that to Sister Agnes. Fifty kids were fed lunch on Monday in a little park in Urbandale — for free. Chew on that. The small parking lot at Murphy Park fills with a half dozen cars. The green totes and the blue coolers are unloaded from the trunks and carried up to the shelter. [...]

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Center Stage
Cloris Awards celebrates its fifth anniversary

The evening will include musical theatre performances, fun and an energetic mix of central Iowa’s lovers of the stage. Late summer of 2014, right when the 2014-2015 local theatre season was starting, a small group of advocates for the local theatre scene gathered. The subject was a community recognition awards event to celebrate the thousands [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
The Magic Window

Betty Lou Varnum’s show was a safe place for many central Iowa kids. I wish I could have experienced television the way children and adults did back in the 1950s. I imagine it was similar to the first time many of us saw what the Internet had to offer in the 1990s: AIM chatrooms, forwarded [...]

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CITYVIEW’s question of the week

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