Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Feature Story
Unleashing the Wolves

Winter is coming, and it’s joined by howls, hoops and a fresh crop of basketball talent. Interviews with the Iowa Wolves new pack leader, Ernest Scott, and VP of marketing, [...]

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Feature Story
Whatever happened to…?

Des Moines is considered a small market, at least for media, entertainment and designers. That’s changing now in a world flash-shrunk by the Internet. Before the last 20 years, most [...]

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Business Feature
People from 2023 who made a difference

Whether it’s Des Moines city proper or Ankeny, Clive, Urbandale or any of the other suburbs in the metro, pride abounds in the residents who call these communities home. They [...]

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Civic Skinny
Highest nonprofit executive salaries. City council race heats up. Iowans nice to delivery drivers.

Last month CITYVIEW gathered information on the highest bonuses and salaries of nonprofit executives in Iowa, omitting those at the head of healthcare-oriented nonprofits. This month we will highlight the [...]

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Political Mercury
Burgum’s answers on rural, small-town economic battle with ‘Generica’ suburbs

It’s the defining issue in Iowa. Heartbreak in rural towns. Heave-ho construction in the suburbs. Framing it further, we are talking about rural decline versus the explosive growth in certain [...]

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Food Dude
In the light of the dumpling moon

Early last month, NASA released the first-ever photos of Pan, the innermost moon of Saturn. To great surprise, the moon looks like a potsticker (gyoza in Japan). Asian media have [...]

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Film Review
‘The Pigeon Tunnel’ presents rich anecdotes, thoughtful observations and candid confessions

In “The Pigeon Tunnel,” filmmaker Errol Morris engages in a four-day conversation with celebrated spy novelist David Cornwell (better known by his pen name, John le Carré, author of “The [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Remembering Hinky Dinky

November is a weird a month. We move from “spooky season” to “second mortgage season.” It’s that time of year for us to be with our families, overspend at the [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood

The cardboard box is tucked under the eaves in the attic. Spiderwebs and insulation cling to the top. Old baby beds and suitcases and containers of long-abused toys surround it. [...]

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Center Stage
Wicked queens abound in November

When it comes to storytelling on stage, great antagonists provide the tension and counterpoints for each story’s righteous path. Tallgrass Theatre Company’s inaugural mainstage Seedlings production, “Wicked Queen,” and CAP [...]

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CITYVIEW's Question of the Week

CITYVIEW’s question of the week

When was the last time you saw a movie at a theater?

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