Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Posted February 22, 2024in Morain


House File 2544 survived last week’s funnel deadline in the Iowa Legislature. It now awaits consideration in the state House of Representatives. If I were a public school social studies [...]

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Posted February 08, 2024in Morain


I don’t remember when or where I learned The National Anthem, or the other American patriotic songs, or The Pledge of Allegiance. I know I was pretty young when I [...]

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Posted February 01, 2024in Morain


Congressional leaders for more than four months have been negotiating a major agreement to fund military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan; provide humanitarian aid to people in a number [...]

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Posted January 23, 2024in Morain

Railing against a ‘stolen election’

The election of 1824 tested the Constitution as never before or since. The presidential election of 2024 will in all probability be decided in the usual fashion, with a candidate [...]

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Posted January 11, 2024in Morain


Before I get into the theme of this column, a few words about last Thursday morning’s  mass school shooting in Perry would be appropriate. If I could find some. I [...]

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Posted January 04, 2024in Morain


More and more, the holiday season has morphed into a movie season as well. That probably results from a combination of viewers’ free time with family, high-profile studio marketing at [...]

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Posted December 28, 2023in Morain


The year 2023 is almost over, and millions of people around the world are glad of that. Life today is challenging in the extreme for the population of Gaza, and [...]

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Posted December 21, 2023in Morain


If you are a Palestinian in Gaza, what are your options? If you lived in north Gaza, you no longer do. You had to leave your home and most of [...]

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Posted December 14, 2023in Morain


“The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son.” – Ezekiel 18:19 ——————— The U.S. Justice Department has [...]

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Posted December 07, 2023in Morain


The U.S. House last Friday voted 311 to 114 to expel Republican member George Santos. It was only the sixth time in the history of the House that members have [...]

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