Friday, June 21, 2024

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Posted June 13, 2024in Morain


Eighty years ago, in June 1944, a massive invasion force landed on Axis enemy soil, opening a beachhead that led the following year to ultimate victory for the World War [...]

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Posted June 06, 2024in Morain


The facts are as follows: Last Thursday a New York trial jury of five women and seven men unanimously convicted former President Donald Trump of falsifying business records regarding a [...]

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Posted May 23, 2024in Morain


On June 27, about five weeks from now, we’ll get to watch the first presidential debate for the 2024 election.  Or not. The announced changes to the debate process this [...]

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Posted May 16, 2024in Morain


Where does your primary loyalty lie: as a citizen of America, or as a citizen of Iowa? Probably seems like a meaningless question. But around the nation, more and more [...]

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Posted May 09, 2024in Morain


Several years ago Kathy and I walked into a restaurant for breakfast in North Carolina. On the wall was a floor-to-ceiling plaque bearing a message about the origins of the [...]

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Posted May 02, 2024in Morain


The story of our National Weather Service (NWS) is one of catching up and staying ahead. For more than 200 years, meteorologists, both amateurs and professionals, have steadily employed new [...]

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Posted April 25, 2024in Morain


Congress may finally be getting it together. Overruling a few outspoken ultraconservative Republican members, the U.S. House by wide margins last Saturday belatedly approved crucial aid for nations and peoples [...]

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Posted April 18, 2024in Morain


Tax bills in the Iowa Legislature have always been approved or disapproved by simple majorities. If most legislators want to raise taxes, or lower them, they do it the usual [...]

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Posted April 11, 2024in Morain

Weather-related damage is driving up property insurance costs

Our homeowner’s insurance carrier a few weeks ago sent me our annual premium notice for the 12-month period beginning April 10, 2024. The valuations of our house, garage, and personal [...]

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Posted March 28, 2024in Morain


What rights do Palestinians possess? Are they citizens of any nation? The answers to those questions are murky at best, particularly right now with war raging in Gaza. Technically, under [...]

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