Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Posted November 24, 2022in Morain


A little more than four years ago—on October 2, 2018—prominent Saudi Arabian journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi, 59, was murdered in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. Khashoggi had been [...]

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Posted November 17, 2022in Morain


Iowa is a red state. Period. The Republican victories in the state last week rivaled the GOP’s dominance in Iowa back in the years following the Civil War, when most [...]

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Posted November 10, 2022in Morain


Unlike everything you’ve read in the last few days, this column’s not about the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections. Well, not specifically, anyway. Because of the way the publishing calendar [...]

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Posted November 02, 2022in Morain


Although its safety mechanisms have improved, farming is still considered America’s most dangerous major occupation. Government service may fast overtake it. The recent attack on Paul Pelosi, 82-year-old husband of [...]

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Posted October 26, 2022in Morain


October is a hot month for sports.  The World Series is upon us. The National Football League is well underway, with millions watching games every Sunday, and other days as [...]

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Posted October 20, 2022in Morain


Cutting taxes has been a mainstay of Republican philosophy for decades. Iowa’s about to discover if it works. The 2022 session of the Iowa Legislature, with Republicans comfortably in control, [...]

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Posted October 04, 2022in Morain

Federal taxing and spending actions directly affect inflation

With the midterm elections less than five weeks away, and absentee voting set to begin in only two weeks, Republicans across the nation are hammering away at one of their [...]

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Posted September 22, 2022in Morain


What do I do with all my stuff? Kathy’s answer: chuck it. Difficult to bring myself to do. I’ve always been a saver. Ten years ago I wrote about the [...]

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Posted September 15, 2022in Morain


For ages, Americans have demonstrated their fascination with British royalty. Maybe it’s because we don’t possess that institution ourselves. Maybe it’s a result of our childhood stories about kings, queens, [...]

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Posted September 01, 2022in Morain


Many Donald Trump supporters—maybe most of them—decry as a political hit job the FBI’s search for sensitive government documents at Trump’s golf resort/home at Mar-a-Lago.  President Biden, they claim, ordered [...]

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