Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Posted September 21, 2023in Morain


Republican Speaker of the U.S. House Kevin McCarthy last week announced an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Democrats should reply, “Bring it on.” It’s no secret how McCarthy’s announcement [...]

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Posted September 14, 2023in Morain


In last week’s column I discussed whether age limits are appropriate for federal officials: the President, members of Congress, and judges. This week it’s term limits: should the nation change [...]

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Posted September 07, 2023in Morain


It’s Labor Day Week; maybe a time to take a break from the regular routine and do a little dreaming. No requirement for actual success of any given suggestion — [...]

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Posted August 31, 2023in Morain


It will all come down to 12 folks shut up in a room by themselves. No observers, no attorneys, no media, no cameras, and no judges present. Former President Donald [...]

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Posted August 24, 2023in Morain


In weeks like this, it’s not hard to recognize that AAC life is certainly more comfortable than BAC life. That’s After Air Conditioning and Before Air Conditioning.  The dividing line [...]

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Posted August 18, 2023in Morain


Some inventions blow the mind. Medical science develops wonder drugs and precise instruments that leave us stunned with their diagnostic and curative powers. The harnessing of nuclear power rivals the [...]

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Posted August 10, 2023in Morain


Ever wonder why our Midwestern rural layout consists of 36 one-mile-square sections per township? Or where the Midwest’s emphasis on public education comes from? Or why slavery never gained a [...]

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Posted August 03, 2023in Morain


I may never write a column again. The other day my sister Deb in Sioux City emailed me about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence application that writes stuff in the style [...]

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Posted July 06, 2023in Morain


An insidious word has been worming its way into America’s political lexicon. It’s the loaded word “unelected.” It’s a useful word. When appointed public officials take steps with which someone [...]

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Posted June 29, 2023in Morain


Nearly everyone knows that Jefferson is named for Thomas Jefferson, 18th Century intellectual, author of the Declaration of Independence, and third President of the United States. And many people know [...]

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