Friday, June 21, 2024

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Feature Story
The trailblazers who built Des Moines

Des Moines was forged by God, chance and indefatigable human will. The city that would become Iowa’s capital was birthed by the divine coincidence of two life-supporting rivers harrowed by millennia of meanderings dictated by what poets call the unseen hand and believers call God. The coincidence of those rivers meeting at a nearly perfect [...]

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Feature Story
Liquor trends in central Iowa

It’s no secret that Iowans enjoy an adult beverage. Or two. While alcohol can have its drawbacks, and should be consumed responsibly, drinking has become ingrained in Iowa culture.  Iowa State football fans have made a habit out of drinking mass quantities of Busch Light at bars in whichever cities host their bowl games. Their [...]

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Business Feature
Employing seniors

Iowans are getting older and living longer.  A recent University of Iowa report found that, in three years, more Iowans will be aged 65 and older than those aged 18 or younger. Longer, healthier lives mean many older Iowans continue to work past the typical retirement age.  The Older Iowans: 2023 report from the State [...]

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Political Mercury
Farmers fear Koch takeover of Iowa fertilizer plant would boost nitrogen prices

Harold Beach, a northeast Missouri farmer who runs a row-crop operation and raises hogs and cattle, traveled to central Iowa recently to urge one of the nation’s top regulators to stop a multi-billion-dollar takeover of a Lee County fertilizer plant he and other rural advocates say will further erode competition in agriculture and increase costs [...]

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Civic Skinny
Polk County revenues, expenses are down. Internet costs are up. Home inventory improves. And Iowans pass more gas in airplanes?

RSM US LLP released its audit of Polk County for the year ending June 30, 2023. The financial report highlights the County’s revenues, which totaled $476,155,345, a 2% decrease from 2022. The decrease is primarily due to “$26.6 million in charges for services and $17.6 million decrease in operating grants and contributions primarily due to [...]

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Film Review
‘IF’ has a little something for everyone

John Krasinski’s “IF” is a heartwarming comedy that showcases his versatility as a director, especially considering his successful foray into horror with “A Quiet Place” and its sequel. This time, Krasinski crafts a narrative that dives into the magical world of imaginary friends. The result is a delightfully fun flick that brims with humor, emotion [...]

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Food Dude
The aroma of searing protein

The fashion of the day is “the next new thing.” Social media made it so. Everyone with a phone is now a critic and a wannabe influencer. And influencers flock only where the other trendsetters perch.  Metro Des Moines is home now to six high-end, USDA prime steakhouses, four in the Jordan Creek area. Jesse’s [...]

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Des Moines Forgotten
Before ‘The Gayborhood’

With another Pride month here, I have dug deep into the history books of the gay lore of Des Moines. In November of 2022, I wrote a column on the Blue Goose and the P&S Lounge, two gay bars with origins dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The P&S Lounge was located [...]

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Joe's Neighborhood
On the road in the Netherlands with a 5-year-old

I spent most of my adult life trying to get my kids out the door. “Begone children,” was my motto. When they were young, I’d wonder if it was too soon to suggest they get a job babysitting or as a lifeguard or maybe at a garment factory. Don’t worry, gentle reader, when I kicked [...]

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Center Stage
From opera to chamber to children’s, stage music beckons

Let the month of June be proclaimed as Cultural Adventurer Month for those seeking new works, spine-tingling performances and a diverse and immersive offering of stage works. The venerable Des Moines Metro Opera (DMMO), with its world-renowned Summer Festival, has the opera world chattering about their boldly seductive season. Iowa Stage Theatre Company brings a [...]

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