Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Posted June 30, 2021in Feature 1

Blood, sweat & 26.2

What pushes marathon runners and other endurance athletes past the finish line? The first “marathon,’’ according to ancient Greek legend, was run circa 490 BC. A Greek courier named Pheidippides [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Feature 2

2021 Choice Awards: CITYVIEW’s Hall of Iowa Culinary Excellence

This year’s class reinvigorates venerability. All these people and institutions are long overdue for honoring. The idea for the CHOICE awards originated seven years ago and was inspired by Japan’s [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Business Feature

Retirement Plans

  Pension plans are almost a thing of the past as employers shift to defined-contribution plans such as the 401(k). Today, it may be hard to believe that, at one [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Civic Skinny

Why have some events returned, but not others? Dunshee resigns. Cowboy dies. Catholics return.

No state high school baseball tournament this year at Principal Park? You read that correctly. But will the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) bring the tournament back to the [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Political Mercury

Reynolds’ ‘both sidesism’ buries Black Hawk’s words with his stolen remains

An obsession with balance can obscure the truth.  In his brilliantly performed new audio book “The Bomber Mafia,” Malcolm Gladwell, using expert reporting, inviting prose and riveting sound effects, including actual [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Film Review

‘Luca’ delivers a slice of summer

Feel like a kid again. Remember that time you went on summer vacation when you were a kid? Maybe it was with your family. Maybe it was at a stay-away [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Food Dude

New Flavors on Ingersoll

A Brazilian place becoming Thai makes sense to travelers.  Ingersoll Avenue reflects the collective conscience of Des Moines’ westside. In the late 1950s, traditional restaurants like Sherry’s, Noah’s and the [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Des Moines Forgotten

Camp Dodge Swimming Pool

One of the world’s largest swimming pools operated from 1922 through 2001. My summers as a kid in the Quad Cities were not that much different than most other kids’ [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Joe's Neighborhood

Beginnings are never a straight line

Taking a whiz? Really? Everyone has to start somewhere. Perhaps it’s your first car, or it’s your first day after graduation, or it’s your first baby, or it’s your first [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Center Stage

Musicals lead an expanded return to more live theatre

Broadway shows back to Des Moines. With the exuberance of an oxygen-starved swimmer gulping in a huge breath of air, many of the region’s best musical theatre performers are expanding [...]

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