Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Posted August 31, 2022in Political Mercury

What it’s like being falsely tagged as a child molester

A head-spinning, bizarre twist to one of the ugliest political episodes in these most uncivil of times is that the Michigan state legislator, Republican Lana Theis, falsely accused her Democratic [...]

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Posted August 03, 2022in Political Mercury

What Reynolds said about abortion penalties when she hit the statewide stage

Republicans, with a generational win in hand with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, are looking to ban abortion at the state level across the nation. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds [...]

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Posted July 06, 2022in Political Mercury

Takeaways from the Iowa Democratic Party State Convention

Deidre DeJear can win the governor’s race. Cocooned in angry social media corners, divided by geography and race and tribal fractions large and small, most Iowans, either consciously, or in spite of themselves, [...]

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Posted June 01, 2022in Political Mercury

It’s common sense, non-partisan Iowa group says of reforming cannabis laws

Political Mercury’s Douglas Burns recently conducted an interview with Bradley Knott, the founder of the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis laws. This week, Knott and his team launched the website Knott is a veteran political consultant [...]

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Posted May 04, 2022in Political Mercury

Pence reaches for reliable conservative ground in rousing Iowa speech

Buoyed by his political companion for the day, the popular west-central Iowa congressman Randy Feenstra, former Vice President Mike Pence delivered a fierce defense of long-held conservative values to Iowa’s 4th [...]

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Posted April 06, 2022in Political Mercury

Deidre DeJear ‘sees the good in people’

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deidre DeJear, a Des Moines businesswoman, hit on themes of job creation, boosting health care and rural development during a Carroll event in which she stressed that her [...]

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Posted March 02, 2022in Political Mercury

Senate candidate Finkenauer term limits herself

First elected in 1958 to the Iowa Statehouse — during the Eisenhower administration — U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has served in public office continuously for more than 60 years [...]

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Posted February 02, 2022in Political Mercury

Think twice about Grassley, Senate candidate Carlin urges Republicans

Republican Jim Carlin says reports of Sen. Charles Grassley’s assured reelection later this year are greatly exaggerated. In fact, Carlin, a state senator from Sioux City, who is challenging the venerable Grassley [...]

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Posted January 05, 2022in Political Mercury

‘If not me, who?’ former admiral asks in Senate campaign

As a western Iowan who worked in two packing plants, grew up the son of a teacher and machinist and served decades in the Navy, Ret. Adm. Mike Franken sees [...]

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Posted December 01, 2021in Political Mercury

Former RNC chair: Reynolds should be in ‘conversation’ for presidency

And Michael Steele thinks country is in ‘staging area’ for civil war. Gov. Kim Reynolds insists a life in Washington is not for her. But Michael Steele, the former chairman of the [...]

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