Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Posted May 07, 2020in Lunch With...

Lunch with Chad Elliott at Ritual Café

Iowa musician was on the road 235 nights last year. Chad Elliott is an old-fashioned troubadour. He lives in Lamoni but spends two thirds of his nights each year on [...]

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Posted March 04, 2020in Lunch With...

Alice Meyer at Grounds for Celebration

Alice Meyer is the owner of Beaverdale Books, the only remaining independent new book dealer in the metro. We asked her to lunch recently, and she chose Grounds for Celebration [...]

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Posted February 05, 2020in Lunch With...

Tom Boesen

Discussions of flowers, Valentine’s Day and the changes the flower industry has undergone in his six decades in the business. Tom Boesen is part of a third-generation Des Moines family [...]

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Posted January 01, 2020in Lunch With...

Dave Beveridge

A planned trip to Noah’s sidelined by weather Dave Beveridge owns Miller’s Hardware, a much-loved Drake area business that hangs on proudly in the era of Home Depot, Lowes, Menards [...]

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Posted December 04, 2019in Lunch With...

Kelly Norris at Trellis

“Gardens are never the same twice; they always go off on new riffs.” Kelly Norris is the Director of Horticulture and Education for the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens (GDMBG). [...]

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Posted November 06, 2019in Lunch With...

Kent Henning

Grand View University president explains its growth over lunch at Tursi’s Latin King. Kent Henning is a month away from closing out 20 years of leadership at Grand View University. [...]

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Posted October 02, 2019in Lunch With...

Kristen Sabin at Lucca

Advertising agency executive shares her views on the future of digital. Kristen Sabin is the chief operating officer of full-service digital agency Happy Medium, running day-to-day operations across sales, processes [...]

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Posted September 04, 2019in Lunch With...

Mark Anderson

The image of a used car salesman has changed. Mark Anderson is a manager at IA Motors, a used vehicle lot on East 14th. We asked him to lunch recently, [...]

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Posted July 31, 2019in Lunch With...

Brooks Reynolds and Scott Toland at High Life Lounge

Just love food. Brooks Reynolds is a founder and the major force behind bacon festivals in Des Moines, Japan, Colorado and Iceland. Scott Toland is the CEO and President of [...]

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Posted July 03, 2019in Lunch With...

Cyd Koehn at Wasabi

Cowgirl and marksman is one of several women who dominate upscale catering in Des Moines. Cyd Koehn owns Catering by Cyd. She has catered in Des Moines now for 25 [...]

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