Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Posted March 03, 2021in Joe's Neighborhood

Cross-country skiing in a bean field

Should I take the steep, black diamond run on the mountain to the left, or the longer, curving run on the mountain to the right? Do I want deep snow [...]

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Posted February 03, 2021in Joe's Neighborhood

Self-help books and fries

We are late, my friend and I. The doors to the hall at Hoyt Sherman Place are already closed. We can hear the murmur of voices as we rush up [...]

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Posted January 06, 2021in Joe's Neighborhood

Old men — part 1

The boxwood stump, buried by leaves, snagged my dragging foot and landed me face-first in the soft ground. Ker-plop. No fanfare. No discussion. And certainly no dissent on the part [...]

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Posted December 02, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

‘This is going to hurt’

“Joe, this is going to hurt.” No kidding. I lie on my back trying to visualize a white sand beach with crystal blue water and a cabana worker offering an [...]

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Posted November 04, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

Between donuts

We sit on the bench. Both of us mouths open, heads leaned back, eyes wide. Glazed donuts melting in our hands as we watch. Clearly, no parent is in charge [...]

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Posted September 30, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

A tree on a roof

The tree rests comfortably on the roof. Nonchalantly, really. Not a care in the world. Might as well be in a pushed-back recliner with feet up. Perhaps a cigar would [...]

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Posted September 02, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

Naked ladies

One moment there’s nothing, the next moment — beautiful flowers. Magic. Which must be why the blossoms stand at the very tippy top as if suddenly sprouting out of the [...]

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Posted August 05, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

A vision from a paper-towel dispenser

Would it help your pandemic doldrums if someone told you that you are special? Of course, that “someone” may be a complete lunatic. Fine. But why not pay your money [...]

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Posted July 01, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

Social media updo

“Dad, isn’t FaceTime a great way for us to talk during this weird virus time?” The smiling face of my daughter locked down in England greets me. Lively, personable and [...]

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Posted April 01, 2020in Joe's Neighborhood

Dog lovers everywhere

“No!” It seems a simple enough word. Sure, I love my daughter and her notorious criminal accomplice, my wife, but the answer is clear. “No, never, no way will we [...]

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