Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Listen with open minds


I’ve heard some discouraging remarks since Hillary fell ill — but wait. Most conclusions are not easily or wisely jumped to. Let’s take some time off the voter-decision trail and let Hillary heal. Maybe we could see things a little differently if we know the down-to-earth realization of the truth that everyone is apt to suffer health problems. So we can leave it alone. Both candidates should have a chance to further prove themselves, to voice their opinions and to hopefully explain to us why they believe the party they represent would be better equipped to govern, instead of taking their time and ours to badmouth those who have served in the past. That kind of talk serves no profitable purpose for anyone as I see it. If we loyal Americans try to really listen with open minds, we may make a better choice.

Harriet Hamilton

Des Moines


Clintons playing doctor


The country must surely be relieved with the announcement by the hokey ex-president Bill Clinton, playing doctor again, that spouse Hillary, the other pathological liar in the family, is healthy and “looking like a million.” Never mind nosedives walking up steps and fainting spells, she’s ready and raring to continue blazing the campaign trail with her legendary foul mouth and her acid personality.

Dave Adkins

Des Moines


Small potatoes

Like Bernie Sanders, I really don’t understand why the Hillary Clinton opposition is making such a big deal of her emails. Compared with other scandals in our federal government, this one is really small potatoes.

Small potatoes when compared to the scandals involving President Warren G. Harding in 1923. He took a summer train trip West to avoid the breaking news of the Teapot Dome Scandal and others, which caused several of his cabinet members to be sent to jail. And there were leaks about his two mistresses and a love child, which would have been fatal to his career and reputation.

Small potatoes when compared to the secret relationship of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his mistress, Lucy Mercer, present at his death in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945.

Small potatoes when compared to the lies of the Eisenhower Administration concerning the U-2 spy plane incident in 1960. Ike got caught red-handed in a lie when the Soviets presented the wreckage of the plane and a live pilot, Francis Gary Powers.

Small potatoes when compared to the secret health problems of John F. Kennedy.

Small potatoes when compared to the sins of the Nixon White House and the Watergate Scandal.

Small potatoes when compared with Ronald Reagan’s intentional violation of the will of Congress in the Iran-Contra Affair, an impeachable offense.

Small potatoes when Bill Clinton lied to Congress and the American people and lost his right to practice law.

Small potatoes when George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. Jesus Christ has never been president.

The closest anybody came was Jimmy Carter, and what a disaster that was. He should have taken Machiavelli as his role model. I hope that Hillary Clinton does when she becomes president. n

Gary Thelen

West Des Moines


In our September 2016 OUR VIEW column, we stated that The Des Moines Register’s “USA TODAY BEST: DES MOINES METRO” readers’  poll only had categories with paid advertising in it and that businesses had to write checks to the Register to be listed on the ballot. Register publisher David Chivers says some categories in the poll actually don’t have paid advertisers, but he admits that those who write checks are automatically included on the drop-down menu while others can be written in. In other words, yes, their poll is loaded.

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