Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Posted April 30, 2014in Belly Up

The chic Beaver, Tally’s offers unique vibe to quaint neighborhood

Sometimes you need a break from the endless corn and small-town feel that is Iowa. Sometimes you need that break enhanced with a strong drink named The Flaming Beaver. In which case, Beaverdale is not far. Named after Natalie, the owner and chef Robert Sanda’s daughter, this little restaurant/bar might

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Posted April 23, 2014in Belly Up

Business in the front… kind of, at Mullets

This bar-and-grill is a location to investigate, perfectly poised just out of the way enough to offer a scenic view of the downtown skyline and river ways. Past the fishermen trying their luck over the bridge sits Mullets. One of the first things a guest will likely notice about this

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Posted April 16, 2014in Belly Up

Benchwarmers is a Cyclone bar and more

It’s good to, as they say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Upon surveying the outside of a small, dark joint on Ankeny Boulevard, I wasn’t sure if I’d be eating some great bar food or just eating my words. Fortunately, my curious nature paid off and was rewarded

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Posted April 09, 2014in Belly Up

Any fellow can enjoy Oddfellows

“Odd.” The word carries a three-part meaning: strange or unusual, an unplanned occurrence, or made of different types. All are true when it comes to encapsulating the feel of this unique stop nestled in Ames’ north end. Oddity No. 1: Oddfellows was born on eBay. “I was actually searching the

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Posted April 02, 2014in Belly Up

See what they’re whispering about at Secrets

Clive has a new secret — a bar. Of course, it’s no secret that Clive has a bar. Clive has many bars. But, at Secrets, there’s Rufus. As if you’re walking into his house, Rufus greets each patron at the door with a non-threatening little bark alarm to let you

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Posted March 26, 2014in Belly Up

There’s always more to love at Pounders

One of the most clever euphemisms ever invented is calling a strip club a “gentlemen’s club.” If you’ve ever been to one, the male patrons along “sniffer’s row” are anything but gentlemen. They don’t extend a chivalrous hand to help the ladies off stage or pull out the chair for

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Posted March 19, 2014in Belly Up

Take a Spring Break at Beer Bucket and Burgers

It may not be as pump priming as Panama City, and it’s certainly colder than Cancun, but Spring Break means things are heating up at Beer Bucket and Burgers on Des Moines’ northeast side. Whether students are back home from school looking to take their minds off of the fact

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Posted March 12, 2014in Belly Up

If the cliché fits: ‘The Real McCoy’ is a Grimes Bar and Grill

Anyone who knows the city streets only as far as they’ve had to navigate from the interstate to their job is probably unaware that a decade ago the McCoy family once ran a pool hall in Beaverdale. Even fewer people likely know that when McCoy’s closed in that location, the

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Posted March 05, 2014in Belly Up

Honors Lounge offers unique change to Clive staple

“Oh great. It’s a cop bar.” That was my friend’s first reaction when I invited him to belly up with me at the new Honors Lounge in Clive. And to be honest, it was my first notion, too, after a quick creep on Honors’ Facebook page turned up the bar’s

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Posted February 26, 2014in Belly Up

The Garden, 30 years and growing

Remember that moment in Walt Disney’s animated film “Alice in Wonderland” ─ when the shrunken young heroine finds herself lost in a flower garden and does her best to assimilate with the budding, blooming ladies who belong there by right of roots? Despite her gifts of beauty and song, Alice

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