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Posted April 01, 2016in Cover Story

River Vendors

Riverboat casino loophole allows first food truck barge in the Des Moines River — but controversy looms The first in a new breed of river-floating food trucks rolled off the [...]

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Posted April 01, 2016in Food Dude

The stupidest food lists in Iowa

  Des Moines has fallen head over heels for lists. If a blogger, magazine, newspaper or Tweeter wants to grab the attention of the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, or [...]

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Posted March 23, 2016in Homepage Cover Story, Joe's Neighborhood

The Dutch bike

The Dutch bike stands outside the bike store just off the Frederik Hendrikplein in The Hague. Solid. Sturdy. Immovable. It is unclear if the bike is resting against the wall [...]

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Posted March 23, 2016in Film Review, Homepage Cover Story

No allegiance

“Allegiant” is supposed to be the penultimate film in the grand climax of the “Divergent” series based on the young adult novels by the same name. Instead, all it manages [...]

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Posted March 23, 2016in Homepage Cover Story, Tech Talk

The cloud keeps the content coming

How many times have you found yourself complaining about the limited amount of space on your phone? Across the planet, billions of smartphone users have encountered this frustrating experience. If [...]

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Posted October 21, 2015in Cover Story

Fall books guide

Yet another summer has come and gone, and we find ourselves in the midst of fall, waiting for winter to wrap its chilly arms around us. Many of us think [...]

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Posted October 21, 2015in Film Review


  In a move that I’m sure someone had been ardently hoping for, there is now a movie based, more or less, upon R.L. Stine’s wildly popular “Goosebumps” series of [...]

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Posted October 21, 2015in The Sound

Can’t fake this

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat: TobyMac is frequently described as a “Christian rap” artist. He is described that way by fans, in other interviews, even in [...]

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Posted October 21, 2015in Joe's Neighborhood

‘I was never pretty enough’

“I was never pretty enough. I was never thin enough. I was never good enough. I was never smart enough.” The cold wind blows around the parked cars and down [...]

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Posted October 21, 2015in Civic Skinny

Grassley snubs Klinefeldt. Rick Brown is leaving Register.

Nick Klinefeldt is the United States Attorney in Des Moines who is responsible for, among other things, going after drug dealers who violate federal law in this area. Charles Grassley [...]

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