Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Civic Skinny

Grassley snubs Klinefeldt. Rick Brown is leaving Register.


Nick Klinefeldt is the United States Attorney in Des Moines who is responsible for, among other things, going after drug dealers who violate federal law in this area. Charles Grassley is the Republican United States Senator from Iowa who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and who is up for re-election and who last week held a field hearing in Des Moines on “the evolving threat to communities” of methamphetamine.

Those testifying included a former meth addict, the head of Iowa’s Office of Drug Control Policy, the assistant director of the division of narcotics enforcement in the Iowa Department of Public Safety, a member of the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force, and the head of a treatment facility in Mason City.

Nick Klinefeldt was not invited.

Nick Klinefeldt is a Democrat. …

Rick Brown, who joined The Des Moines Register sports department in 1978, is taking the company’s latest buyout offer. Recently, he has been the main reporter covering University of Iowa sports, but over the years he has covered nearly everything, and he has long been the paper’s guy for golf stories. His knowledge of the state’s sports scene is encyclopedic. …

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

The Board of Regents is meeting this week to set next year’s tuition at the three state universities. Tuition for resident, undergraduate students will be $6,878 at the University of Iowa and $6,848 at Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa. But you have to add mandatory fees of $1,447 at the University of Iowa, $1,121.40 at Iowa State and $1,211 at UNI. So tuition plus mandatory fees will be $8,325 for undergraduates who live in the state at the University of Iowa, $7,969.40 at Iowa State and $8,069 at UNI.

Unless you’re a freshman or sophomore majoring in business at the University of Iowa; their tuition and fees will be $9,519.

And unless you’re a junior or senior in business at Iowa; their tuition will be $10,859.

And unless you’re majoring in engineering at Iowa, where the tuition and fees will range from $8,547 for freshmen to $10,757 for juniors and seniors.

And unless you’re a nursing major at Iowa, where the tuition and fees will be $10,703.

And unless you’re a junior or senior majoring in engineering at Iowa State, where the tuition and fees will be $10,417.40. Juniors and seniors majoring in business at Iowa State will pay $9,701.40, about $35 more than their counterparts at the University of Northern Iowa.

And unless you’re not an American citizen, in which case you’ll pay an extra $500 a year simply because you are not a citizen.

The universities figure it costs $11,416 to educate an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa for an academic year, $10,487 at Iowa State and $13,305 at UNI. In calculating that, the university refers to a student as a “unit.”

Do as I say, not as I do.

Do as I say, not as I do.

The universities also figure that the cost of attending the universities is about $20,000 a year after you figure in room and board and books and the like.

The highest tuition in the state is charged to nonresidents attending the dental school at the University of Iowa. They will pay $66,533 next academic year, more than nonresident medical students ($53,103), fourth-year nonresident veterinary students at Iowa State ($58,280.40), and nonresident MBA students at Iowa ($38,509). A nonresident can get a graduate degree in business at Iowa State for around $25,000 and at UNI for less than $22,000.

Mandatory fees at the schools range from $973 for a “technology fee” for all students at the law school at Iowa to   $16 for a health-facility fee at Iowa State. …

Presidential candidates have raised $667,809 in Iowa so far in this campaign, with Ben Carson ($153,017) and Hillary Clinton ($111,584) leading the pack. About a third of the contributions came from the Des Moines area.

A sampling of contributions: Ron Daniels of Des Moines, $5,400 to Mike Huckabee, who also received $2,700 from Nick Ryan. Jim Erickson, the chairman of Anderson-Erickson, gave $500 to Ted Cruz. Bernie Sanders got $587 from Charlotte Hubbell, $200 from Barbara Gentry, and $333 from Bob Mulqueen. Clinton got checks of $2,700 from Bonnie Campbell, Jerry Crawford, Patty Cownie, Diane Hedden and James Hedden and Jeff Hedden, Susan Knapp and Bill Knapp. Janis and John Ruan each gave $2,700 to Jeb Bush, as did retired Meredith chief executive Bob Burnett. Dave Oman, Stan Reynolds and Jody Reynolds each gave $1,000. Denny Elwell and Candy Elwell each gave $2,700 to Chris Christie, and Tom Lynner chipped in $500. Supervisor Bob Brownell gave $200 to Marco Rubio.

Lawyer George Appleby gave $2,000 to Martin O’Malley, and Tim Urban tossed in $205. Former Congressman Berkley Bedell and his wife, Elinor, gave a combined $6,400 to O’Malley. Justin Doyle of Modus gave $5,400 to Rick Santorum. Jim Tyler, the Coca-Cola bottler from Atlantic, gave $3,500 to Scott Walker before he pulled out. Tom Moreland and Katrina Moreland of Urbandale each gave $2,700 to John Kasich.

Donald Trump, who has led most polls for several months, raised just $12,977 in the state. Jo Martin of Spirit Lake, a recent Branstad appointee to the state’s Public Information Board, gave Trump $2,700. Phil Lautner of Lautner Farms in Adel gave $2,500. Trump, who has said his presidential campaign is self-financed, has raised $3,825,880 from the public — and contributed $1,909,577 of his own money. He has spent around $100,000 in Iowa, according to records at the Federal Election Commission. …

As of Sept. 30, incumbent Republican Congressman David Young had $679,740 cash on hand for the election next year. Democrats Jim Mowrer had $173,111, Desmund Adams had $6,186 and Robert Cramer had $227. …

Iowa Public Radio is expanding its board to 10 members from seven. Joining will be former Board of Regents member Bob Downer, Des Moines Social Club founder Zach Mannheimer and Harkin Institute director and former Chief Justice of Iowa, Marcia Ternus. Downer and Ternus both are familiar with Iowa’s Open Meetings Law, something that has been lacking on the IPR board at times. …

Faculty members at the University of Iowa say they work 56.2 hours a week. Of that, they say, tenured faculty spend 20.7 hours teaching and advising students; non-tenured faculty say they spend 34.6 hours a week teaching and advising. It’s unclear whether they consider protests against the newly named president of the university as work or play. CV


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