Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Posted July 01, 2020in Human Resources

Celebrating small wins

Celebrations can help keep employees motivated and engaged during times of disruption and change. Don’t just wait for big accomplishments to pause and celebrate as lofty goals are not the [...]

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Posted March 04, 2020in Human Resources

What are your tips for success as a first-time manager?

If you are in a management role early in your career, you likely have been chosen for your performance and work ethic. But many professionals often find the road from [...]

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Posted February 05, 2020in Human Resources

Who should be eligible for my 401(k) program?

Retirement security. Sounds great, right? That’s the goal of a new law regarding retirement savings; on Jan. 1, the SECURE Act – entailing a variety of changes to retirement accounts [...]

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Posted January 01, 2020in Human Resources

Quick tips to improve your resume

If your 2020 resolution is a career move, the first place you will start is your resume. Here are some quick tips to make sure your resume stands out. 1. [...]

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Posted December 04, 2019in Human Resources

What’s a good bonus strategy?

At the end of the year, many companies begin to think about bonuses. Bonuses are an important part of keeping employees happy and motivated. Employers tend to give one of [...]

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Posted November 06, 2019in Human Resources

Do I have to pay for lunch?

As an employer, you want your employees to spend their time at the “office” productively — doing what you hired them to do. But everyone’s gotta eat. When employees are [...]

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Posted October 02, 2019in Human Resources

What is retained recruiting? Is it a good option for my company?

With the competition for good workers at a fever pitch, you may have started to hear about retained recruiting. This service is an innovative and customizable take on the traditional [...]

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Posted September 04, 2019in Human Resources

What does it mean to have servant-hearted leadership?

To create a spectacular culture, leadership is everything. Everybody’s heard the old adage, “People don’t leave their companies; they leave their manager.” What works for me – and what I [...]

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Posted July 31, 2019in Human Resources

When should I start applying for internships?

Scores of young people are preparing to return to school, some of them to colleges and universities that are miles from their parents. In a very real sense, college is [...]

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Posted July 03, 2019in Human Resources

Are your workplace benefits attracting younger workers?

Attracting millennial workers is all the rage in the employment space. Generational shifts and rock-bottom unemployment leave small- and medium-sized businesses in difficult straits to find and keep good employees. [...]

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