Monday, July 4, 2022

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Human Resources

When should I start applying for internships?


Lexy Pederson Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

Scores of young people are preparing to return to school, some of them to colleges and universities that are miles from their parents. In a very real sense, college is and ought to be about more than simply preparing for the workforce; nevertheless, students and parents alike are justified in pursuing ways to squeeze the most long-term life value from the university experience. One way is internships. A mistake most students make is waiting until they arrive on campus (or even later) to begin their hunt for an internship. For fall semester internships, early to mid-summer is the best time to seek and apply for internships, while for spring semester internships students should begin their search no later than mid-October. The other pitfall students make is a failure of creativity. While some companies have internship programs, many employers will jump at the chance to share the work they are passionate about with a similarly passionate student. If you can’t find an official internship position at a company
you’d like to work with, email the HR department and inquire.

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