Thursday, June 24, 2021

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GOP attacks FBI Director Comey’s rule of law decision



The Republicans’ malicious attacks on FBI Director James Comey because he cleared Hillary Clinton of any criminal charges contribute to the destabilization of our most basic democratic foundations. Last week, House Republicans held an emergency oversight committee hearing questioning Comey and suggesting his decision was based on political motivations. The strength of our Democracy depends on the public’s faith in our judicial system treating everyone fairly, free of political influence. House Republicans and Donald Trump accusing the FBI of a rigged decision contributes to the public’s distrust in the basic principle of equal justice under the law. The public’s growing distrust of the institutions of government follows years of Republican politicians attacking trust in government, the credibility of the mainstream media and the believability of the science and education communities. Their relentless attacks on the most basic foundations of our democracy have resulted in the public’s rejection and mistrust of our most basic sources of knowledge and information. Once again, the Republicans — including Trump — smear both Hillary Clinton and the FBI by falsely claiming a rigged system and a cover-up.  Their unsubstantiated attacks are a serious threat to our democracy and will intensify the public’s distrust of our democratic institutions.

Rick Smith


A record that will stand

Prep Iowa - Pride Month

Imagine if the sports record books used the same methodology as the NCAA. Baskets made and touchdowns scored by players who later were deemed never to have started school in the first place would have to be expunged and final scores and win/loss records would be revised accordingly. Categories for school records such as field goal and completion percentage would be expressed as success rates. At least one of Iowa’s great football triumphs wouldn’t be affected. Since both Chuck Hartlieb and Marv Cook later graduated, the Hawkeyes’ upset win over the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus in 1987 when the former hit the latter on a last-second touchdown pass would stand. The only thing subject to change would be Jim Zabel’s breathless, high-pitched call: “Here’s Hartlieb going out. He looks, he throws. It’ssssss… successful! And it’s an Iowa touchdown! It’s an Iowa touchdown! It’s an Iowa touchdown! Marv Cook! I can’t believe it! Ed Podolak is hugging and kissing me!”

Mike Wellman

Des Moines


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