Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Poetry or prose?


Hillary Clinton repeated a quote in the Saturday night forum at Drake that best describes the choice Iowa voters made. The quote was, “You campaign in poetry and govern in prose.” Bernie Sanders has become the candidate speaking in a poetry that inspires people to believe the impossible is achievable. He offers the dream of a socialist revolution with a long gift list that appeals to many Democrats.  However, he ignores the political reality that Republicans control both the House and Senate. Sanders will need a super majority of Democrats elected to the Senate and win back the House to achieve any of his goals. Clinton is speaking in the prose of reality. She has a dream as well, but it is tempered by the reality of what is possible. Clinton shares nearly the same goals as Sanders but chooses not to overpromise or to refight the wars Democrats waged and lost. Both Sanders and Clinton are committed to get money out of politics. However, until that happens, the current reality is a Democrat can’t beat the Republicans without PAC money. Sanders will be crushed by the Republicans without accepting PAC help. When this is published, we will know if poetry or prose was victorious.

Rick Smith

Back page question
Our society has always been a bit confused on legislating morality. Are the editors of Cityview faced with the same difficulties, or were they just asserting their rights of free speech and freedom of the press? Interesting that while the headlines for Civic Skinny read, “Polk court tells johns: Stay away from,” the facing page had an advertisement for a male revue at a local tavern. Being unfamiliar with the referenced in the story, I went to the back page of Cityview. Yikes! What are those torture… err… pleasure devices? If prostitution is filmed, does that make it art and therefore protected? Oh well. As long as we can still get a weekly newspaper in the printed form, I can live with necessary advertisements to make it happen.

Mike Rowley

Editor’s Note: Advertising is protected by the First Amendment, too, and we support free speech of all kinds — as long as it is legal.

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