Sunday, September 26, 2021

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More sauce, please


Civic Skinny (May 21) brought me down with the accurate but depressing news of lawsuits involving apes, city trees, lawyers, the IRS and Central College. Then Cityview informs us that The Des Moines Register reporter’s reported taste test at Jethro’s never took place (Comment, A Reporter Lies, May 21). Could Cityview at least tell readers which sauce she judged the best?

Mike Rowley


Editor’s note: We’re guessing that Jennifer Miller is in plenty of hot sauce right now.

Prep Iowa


  1. Maja Rater says:

    Welfare Reform was about holding both parents economically accountable for the children they brought into this world. Unfortunately the enforcement of court ordered child support orders remain in the hands of the same willfully dysfunctional agencies (CSE) which it had been prior to Welfare Reform. Sure the law contained tough child support laws but, just as before, the agencies refuse to apply them.

    Ever since years ago I had a very public fight to get my child support order enforced mothers contact me asking for advice in getting the system to work for them. Ironically it has gotten a lot worse and one of the reasons is of course we have the same public officials in charge of our state agencies as we did when I could not get the system to work: Governor Branstad and DHS Director Charles Palmer.

    Carrie called me years ago and she is still not getting reliable support and is owed $14,000 in arrears which is small compared to what most moms who contact me are owed. We have tried everything including Carrie going to court on her own. The judge found him in contempt of court and issued a warrant for his arrest. So what? Nothing is happening on the case except CSRU calling him and he not answering the phone. He now lives in Texas and has 2 more children in need of support.

    Congress passed the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act for parents like him but it does no good when we cannot get CSRU to refer the cases to the US Attorney and he refuses the cases if we contact him personally. If mom turns to state aid in lieu of her missing court ordered child support the legislators’ solution is to demand mom drug tested as well applying for work, while the state refuses to serve dad with a Seek Work Order.

    So much for Welfare Reform!! Nothing has changed since I was fighting for support in the 90ties—except the laws, which are just like then, ignored!!! The agency in charge of enforcement has become the enabler instead and neither our state legislators nor our congress men/women will respond. Thanks to them I was able to get the system to work for me. Why won’t they help Carrie to make it work for her?

    Carrie just applied for state aid.

    1. Brian Olson says:

      I’m not sure of the intent of your long comment? If you want to place your viewpoint in Cityview, please send it to the editor.

      1. Maja Rater says:

        Thanks. Will do. My mistake.

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