Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Sabbaticals are almost laughable


After reading “Sabbaticals:…” (Civic Skinny Nov. 28) and the projects approved by the Board of Regents, I have the same question I have often wondered about the meetings that “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane and his staff must have when reviewing ideas and scripts.

If this is what they chose, I would love to see what was rejected.

Mike Rowley


Enough is enough!

Pardon me for wrinkling my brow and looking up to the sky. Why in the world do the media pay so much attention to a loser? I have to mention his name at least once so there is no mistaking about whom I am talking. Let’s try, “Steve King,” and once is more than enough.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

He loves to make stupid statements, playing up to his fans. Yes, he does have fans. They are relatively few, but he knows that every idiotic comment he makes, the fans will drool and the media will get out “Word” to jump on every breath.

MSNBC pundits find his escapades worth a minute or two. Keep in mind that the producers of MSNBC have to fill space — sometimes with nothing, and “K” is one of the nothings they love.

It is a known fact that there are Republicans out there in the real world who are looking for any and all endorsements. They are more than delighted if “K” gives them “thumbs up.” Losers all. “K” will be reelected, but his endorsements will fall on a vast wasteland.

Please media. Give it up. Enough is enough!

John Hicks
–Des Moines


Planning a wedding? Get an officiate

Thanks for all the excellent hints and resources for planning a wedding in your Nov. 28 issue (“Cityview Bridal Planner”).

Another critical topic is for couples to work with an officiate early on, right after the wedding date is set, so that the ceremony reflects who the couple is and their relationship. The officiate has a lot of power to “make” or “break” a ceremony. Couples are encouraged to search for possible officiates and to interview them to determine if there is a good fit or not.

There are a variety of officiates, religious and non-religious, who conduct weddings in religious locations and secular locations. Some conduct weddings motivated by weddings attended — ceremonies which seemed to neither honor the sacredness of marriage nor the couple being married. A couple who carefully selects who conducts their wedding can avoid such a bad experience and have a wonderful wedding which reflects the love and care they put into selecting all the other wedding elements.

Judy Winkelpleck

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