Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Traffic camera opposition is just lame thinking


There are many “lame” reasons for eliminating the red-light cameras in Clive and many good reasons to keep them. The best reason is the number of red-light violations. Doesn’t that mean something in the minds of reasonable people? Do the math. At $700,000 in fines each year, there has to be from 5,000 to 7,000 people running red lights each year. One of them could kill you or someone you love. There will still be 5,000 to 7,000 red-light violations after the cameras are turned off. People are not going to stop running red lights just because the cameras are turned off.

Opponents argue that the cameras infringe on a person’s right of privacy. What “privacy” does a person have when they drive a 3,000-pound chunk of steel, glass and plastic down a public highway? And shouldn’t violators of the law be required to pay rather than having our property tax raised to meet the shortfall of revenue caused by turning the cameras off?

It was recently reported that the number of accidents at red-light controlled intersections has increased. What wasn’t reported was that the increase is in the number of rear-end collisions caused by people trying to “beat the yellow light” when the car in front of them slows as required by law. Trying to “beat the light” is an age old problem in the entire metro area, a driving attitude that the cameras will change.

When the cameras are shut off next June, the City of Clive needs to issue a warning to the public to tighten their seat belts and pray that their air bags work properly.

Lyle Luckow


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Thanks for reminding us how bad life could be

Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back “News of the Weird.” There is no shame in catering to the few of us who just need a laugh — or to think, “Thank our blessed Mary that’s not our life.” Ha-ha. Now let’s see if you guys have the balls to bring back “Savage Love.” Good luck with that.

Andreah Moyer
–Des Moines


You forgot about my favorite bar

Very surprised to find The Continental was not included on the list of your 100 favorite bars in Des Moines (Cityview, Oct. 26). The Continental is the only bar in Des Moines with an original, extensive and classic list of old and new cocktails.

Jennifer Frank
–Des Moines


The ABCs of classified grades

I remember how Donald Trump insisted that President Obama reveal his college grades. I had never, ever heard anybody in my life ever demand the publication of school grades of any political candidate! Yet the Donald, being the bigot he is, wanted them publicized. He was rightly ignored by Obama.

This week I paid a visit to the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home and Visitors Center in Dixon, Ill. On the wall of the visitors center is this quote from Reagan:

“But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.” – Ronald Reagan

I will never forget that Reagan was the President of the Screen Actors Guild in 1948 and worked tirelessly for the election of Harry Truman.

Gary Thelen
–West Des Moines


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