Friday, August 12, 2022

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Another take on Zabel


Of the many comments regarding Jim Zabel (Your View, June 20), this one has not been included. He was more than just a sports reporter. On occasion, he filled in for the moderator on an afternoon call-in, non-sports show. He was extremely intelligent and well versed on many non-sports subjects. When listening to him on these occasions, I could tell what was going on. On his sports broadcasts, not so much.

Lyle Luckow


I have known Bob Fagerland for almost 40 years and have never heard him demean or attack anyone. He may have had a curiosity about Jim Zabel’s past (Your View, June 20), but I’m sure he didn’t mean it as a personal attack. I’m glad Buck Turnbull offered a possible explanation (Your View, July 11). Making some sort of ogre out of Mr. Fagerland is misguided. Installing Zabel as an angel beyond reproach would even make Z laugh himself.

Bob Runge
–Des Moines


Cityview needs more color

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

I picked up a copy of your recent “Swimsuit Edition” (July 11) and noticed something that boggles my mind. Every single woman highlighted in the issue was caucasian.

Really!? You could not find any women of color or diversity to include in your Swimsuit Edition? Des Moines has plenty of attractive African-American, Hispanic and Asian women from which to choose, but you chose not to feature anyone who wasn’t caucasian women. That seems to be a case of laziness and just not trying, because Des Moines is full of attractive women of color.

Please, let’s try to do a better job in the future of celebrating the true beauty and diversity of Des Moines and its ladies. (I would be happy to help you as a talent evaluator, if necessary).

Larry Cotlar
–Des Moines

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the offer, Larry. On your last resume you sent us there’s no mention of you having been a talent scout, but we’ll just trust you.


Clarification: While his compensation last year was $561,474, as Civic Skinny reported last week, the actual salary for Drake University president David Maxwell was $338,000. The remainder was the payout of a five-year, deferred-compensation retention bonus.

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