Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Question for the ‘smartest film critic in the world’


I have a question for Cole Smithey (“The Smartest Film Critic in the World”) about his review of the movie, “Sightseers” (Film Review, May 16). He refers to the gaudy sweaters that “approach a mythic level of hideousness last seen in the Beatles’ mocumentary ‘Help.’ ” Is Mr. Smithey perhaps referring to the sweater worn by Victor Spinetti in The Beatles’ first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night” (which was supposed to represent a day in the life of The Beatles)?

Megan J. Coyle
–Des Moines

Editor’s Note: Yes, Megan, you are correct. “Spot-on!” says Cole Smithey


Water, water everywhere.

Water, water everywhere — and not a drop to drink. If you read The Des Moines Register, you probably noticed the major article regarding nitrates in our water supply. Nitrates spell pollution. And why do we have pollution throughout Iowa? Simple! There’s no money in water. And there’s lots and lots of money in fertilizer — fertilizer companies, fertilizer dealerships, pig farms, pig excrement, hold-your-nose feces — lots and lots of money. And where does a good percentage of that money find itself? Would you believe our legislators, senators and don’t forget our governor — our agricultural leader? No wonder Iowa is often labeled as “The Fly-Over State.” Thirty-five-thousand feet for passenger planes is too low to escape the stink, so it is necessary to fly around Iowa or up the height. While planes up their height, pigs, fertilizers, legislators, senators and our agricultural governor tell the rest of us, “UP YOURS! We’ll go with the money.”

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa
John Hicks
–Des Moines


A bright future for alternative papers

Two really well-written pieces back to back in your May 16 issue made me appreciate where alternative papers are headed. Well done, John Hicks and Joe Weeg!

Marilynn Wadden
–Des Moines


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