Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… City of Des Moines




To be paid on 6/9/2016


Amount: $16,641.90

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: MDF Most Defendable Fountains

For: Seven drinking fountains


Amount: $23,166.57

To: Eagle Sign Co.

For: Refurbishment of two entrance signs at Gray’s Lake and sandblasting/sealing concrete


Amount: $1,015.60

To: Impact7G

For:  Industrial hygienist abatement services at 2600 E. 36 Court


Amount: $785.56

To: Greenes Fence Company

For: Twelve lodge poles for Public Works Department of Forestry


Amount: $13,988.71

To: Saxton Inc.

For: Install at 400 E. First St. of office furniture


Amount: $8,358.97

To: Racom Corporation

For: K9 containment system with fan window kit and other K9 products for police department


Amount: $29,245

To: Koch Brothers

For: Book scanner, with installation and training and annual service charge


Amount: $6,664.06

To: Sirius Computer Solutions

For: IBM security QRadar security software subscription and support


Amount: $29,874.51

To: Stivers Ford Lincoln

For: Black 2016 Ford Expedition all-wheel drive


Amount: $468

To: Majestic Limousine Service Inc.

For: Des Moines Parks and Recreation 27 passengers


Amount: $49.53

To: CapSan

For: Four mops with looped ends


Amount: $612.50

To: Nite Owl Printing

For: Fourteen chemical log books and 150 employee orientation packets


Amount: $457.50

To: Diversity Farms

For: Spiderwort, blazing star, butterfly weed, nodding onion, swamp milkweed


Amount: $4.45

To: Competitive Edge

For: Small lifeguard T-shirt


Amount: $554

To: Gateway Market Catering

For: Sixty deluxe continental breakfast buffets plus delivery and utensils


Amount: $639

To: Doors Inc.

For: One hollow metal door with lockset and deadbolt


Amount: $47,581.06

To: Principal Life Insurance Company

For: Monthly group policy



Salaries and suchCV 6-23 PHOTO SALARY Jennifer Easler

Name        Jennifer Easler

Title         Attorney

Department              Consumer Advocate – a division of the Iowa Department of Justice

Annual Salary         $132,943.20






The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding to the amount of $1,318.60 for David Blaylock, senior police officer, to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, from Sept. 12-16, 2016. Blaylock will be going to Las Vegas to attend the National Institute of Crime Prevention’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training. This training is to help during child and adult abuse investigations. CV


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