Monday, September 20, 2021

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Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid during the month of September

Amount: $286.38
To: Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co.
For: Repaired leaks in the wrestling room

Amount: $3,913.76
To: Whitfield’s Lawn and Garden Specialist
For: Landscaping services

Amount: $183,625
To: Berg Audio & Video
For: Epson Projector 595Wi

Amount: $170
For: 2015-16 trophies

Prep Iowa

Amount: $2,664
To: Ace Fundraising
For: Hoover football

Amount: $3,323.52
To: Central Iowa Mechanical
For: Removal of old drinking fountains

Amount: $550
To: Lukas Warren
For: Custom arrangement for RHS Choir

Amount: $4,718.86
To: CenturyLink
For: Basic telephone services

Amount: $29.68
To: Brown & Saenger
For: Paper punch

Amount: $1,052.99
To: J.W. Pepper
For: Supplies for Roosevelt jazz choir

Amount: $125.28
To: Graybar Electric Company
For: Bogen microphone desk mount

Amount: $46.38
To: CDW Government Inc.
For: iPad cover

Amount: $304.62
To: Promotions Your Way
For: Water Bottles/Merrill IB logo

Amount: $115
To: Jim’s Johns Inc.
For: Portable unit rentals

Amount: $21,341.51
To: United Truck & Body Co. Inc.
For: Miscellaneous items

Amount: $116,579.01
To: Storey-Kenworthy
For: Various items for Stowe Elementary

Amount: $1,805
To: Simspon College
For: Football team camp July 25-26

Salaries and such

salary 10-1Name: Carmen Bain
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology
Department: Iowa State University
Annual salary: $88,060.58



The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for City Attorney Jeffrey Lester and Deputy City Attorney Kathleen Vanderpool to visit Las Vegas, Nevada, from Oct. 3-8. Both Lester and Vanderpool will attend the International Municipal Lawyers Association’s 80th Annual Conference, which includes various sessions with topics such as land use, municipal finance, personnel/employment and litigation. This comes at a combined cost of $4,050 to local taxpayers. CV

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