Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on Sept. 9

Amount: $144.32
To: Schneider Graphics Inc.
For: Signs and installation services

Amount: $10.71
To: American Marking
For: One black and white nameplate

Amount: $30.40
To: ITB Acquisition Company LLC
For: A turkey brown bag and oriental chicken salad with delivery fees

Amount: $100
To: Iowa City/County Management Association
For: IaCMA membership for 2015-2016

Prep Iowa

Amount: $599
To: American Planning Association
For: Membership fees

Amount: $69.95
To: Business Publications Corp.
For: Subscription renewal

Amount: $805
To: The AroundCampus Group
For: Advertising distributed at Drake University

Amount: $69.98
To: Gateway Market Catering
For: Banquet event order

Amount: $980
To: Ziegler
For: Equipment rental

Amount: $182.50
To: Johnstone Supply
For: Repair kit

Amount: $35,896.62
To: Central Iowa Mechanical
For: Permits, rentals and other supplies

Amount: $268.80
To: Omark Safety
For: Various supplies

Amount: $120
To: BioCycle
For: A two-year subscription renewal

Amount: $425.32
To: Midwest Office Technology
For: Materials and labor charges

Amount: $398.22
To: DXP SuperCenter
For: Various products

Amount: $1,817.39
To: QPS Employment Group
For: Hourly wages for three employees

Amount: $957.20
To: Accountemps
For: 40 hours of work for one employee

salary 9-24Salaries and such
Name: Helen Harton
Title: Professor of Psychology
Department: University of Northern Iowa
Annual salary: $86,108.95


The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for Laura Graham and Kandi Reindl, both assistants to the City Manager, to visit Seattle, Washington, from Sept. 27-30 and Sept. 26 – Oct. 1, respectively. Both will attend the 2015 ICMA Annual Conference, which will provide access to an abundance of educational, information sharing and networking tools to help manage local government. This comes at a combined cost of $4,896.62 to taxpayers. CV

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