Friday, January 21, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Polk County


Amount: $2,150

To: Lister Industries

For: Purchase of parking barriers ($50 each) plus $100 in delivery fees.


Amount: $132.79


To: Loffredo Fresh Produce Company Inc.

For: Purchase of bananas for the jail.


Amount: $789.50

To: Menard’s in Ankeny

For: Purchase of 50 standard mailboxes ($15.97 a piece).


Amount: $7.99

To: Menards in Des Moines

For: Purchase of ADM fleece winter gloves.


Amount: $1,395.09

To: Midwest Office Technology

For: Payment for services maintaining a copier, plus an additional $373.88 in maintenance agreements $373.88.


Amount: $1,340.37

To: MTI Distributing Inc.

For: Payment for repair services to Toro mowers for the Jester Park Equipment Maintenance division.


Amount: $955.74

To: MTM Recognition

For: Purchase of “We Care – Years of Service” awards for Public Works.


Amount: $1,228

To: Jonathan Narcisse

For: Cost of printing 3,600 copies of Senior Bulletins for Senior Services.


Amount: $1,746.60

To: Justice Center Annex

For: Reimbursements for engineering/architecture work on county offices.


Amount: $130.04

To: Palmer’s Deli and Market

For: Purchase of box lunches for the Polk County Board of Supervisors’ Dec. 3 Homeless Coordinating Council.


Amount: $52.18

To: McKesson General Medical Company

For: Purchase of two gallons of acetone for the health department.


Amount: $75.28

To: McKesson Corporation

For: Purchase of four vials of 150mg depo-provera (contraception injections) for the health department.


Salary 122613Salaries and Such

Name: Diane Bassham

Title: Professor and Helen Parke Loomis Professor of Plant Physiology

Department: Iowa State University Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology

Years of service: 12

Annual salary: $99,953.06



The Des Moines City Council recently approved senior fire medic, Tony Sposeto, to travel to Washington, D.C., from Feb. 4-9, to attend the JEMS Conference and Exposition, which is considered to be a highly regarded conference with many key classes that offer innovative training ideas for emergency management service personnel. Education programs promise to address training for new recruits, which is particularly relevant for the city’s new recruit class, according to the city manager. The training also is said to provide useful resources for field training. This comes at a $1,645 cost to local taxpayers. CV

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