Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $950

To: BroadcastStore.com (California)

For: Purchase of Sony video cassette recorder for the City Hall office.


Amount: $498.82

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Krames Staywell (Pennsylvania)

For: Purchase of 13 lifeguarding instructor manuals and two water safety instructor kits.


Amount: $2,007.01

To: Classic Events and Parties

For: Rental fees for seven tables needed for the event “National Night Out.”


Amount: $358.43

To: Universal Printing Services

For: Postcard postage fees for the Des Moines Park and Recreation dog park.


Amount: $4,425

To: LISHost (Illinois)

For: Payment for website design and developmental services for the Des Moines Public Library.


Amount: $600

To: David Youngquist of Des Moines

For: Payment to settle a claim after the claimant had two large trees damaged by the city when workers made a water basin from a small creek in his side yard. He requested to have them removed.


Amount: $1,720

To: Datong Electronics Inc. (Virginia)

For: Purchase of a one-year subscription for both TrackView and the use of a Sim Card.


Amount: $375

To: The City of Des Moines

For: Registration fees for deputy city attorney Mark Godwin to attend the annual Iowa Defense Council meeting and seminar.


Amount: $4,246.48

To: Gary Hoke of Des Moines

For: Payment for a claim — the sanity sewer near his home becoming obstructed with roots.


Amount: $2,000

To: J. Pettiecord Inc.

For: Payment for services removing and disposing of 175 tires and debris after the demolition at 631 S.E. 25th Court.


Amount: $26,071

To: Gatso

For: Payment for 73 red light camera citations over 60 days and 964 speed camera citations over 60 days, as per contractual agreement.


Amount: $400

To: Latino Resources Inc.

For: Basic electricity during the Latino Heritage Festival, Sept. 7-8.


salarySalaries and Such

Name: Lois K. Cox

Title: Clinical Professor of Law

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Years of service: 27

Annual salary: $135,337



The Des Moines City Council recently approved senior electrical inspector, Terry Bennigsdorf, to travel to Colorado Springs, Colo., from Sept. 14-18, to attend the Western Section of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors annual meeting. The meeting is said to provide opportunities to learn the latest techniques for installing and inspecting the new green systems that are coming online and will review changes in the 2014 National Electrical Code that will soon be adopted. This travel expense comes with a $1,393.84 price to local taxpayers. CV

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