Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $179,240

To: Mid-American Energy Company

For: Low-Income Housing Energy Assistance Program payments for 426 local residents — 386 for heat and 40 for electricity — through the Housing Services Department, Community Services Division.


Amount: $944.85


To: Bi-Rite Furniture and TV

For: Purchase of twin bunk beds (without the mattresses) for two local residents through the Housing Services Department.


Amount: $150

To: Dale’s Towing Inc.

For: Payment for 10 days of storage for a Neighborhood Inspection Division vehicle.


Amount: $165.86

To: Global Equipment (Charlotte, N.C.)

For: Purchase of a porcelain steel marker board for the police station, including $63.86 in shipping fees.


Amount: $1,200

To: Sharen and James Lyttle of Des Moines

For: Payment to settle a bodily injury claim filed on Dec. 22, 2012, by Sharen Lyttle who tripped on a piece of plastic landscape edging contained in a planter adjacent to the curb at 3623 6th Ave., injuring her back, hip and knee. She filed for $7,000, and after months of discussion she and her husband agreed to settle for $1,200.



Amount: $225

To: Pool Care

For: Payment for repair services to the pool tables at the Pioneer Columbus Community Center ($150) and the Four Mile Community Center ($75) through Parks and Rec.


Amount: $2,296

To: ABM Janitorial Services (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Payment for janitorial work at the Four Mile, Pioneer Columbus and Southeast Community Centers.


Amount: $61.92

To: BSN Sports (Dallas, Texas)

For: Purchase of 12 basketball scoreboards for the Four Mile Community Center.


Amount: $115

To: Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie

For: Reimbursement payment for the purchase of catered breakfast from Gateway Market for a Jan. 9 Sustainability Committee meeting at the Argonne Armory Building.


Amount: $3,883.85

To: Deery Brothers Chevrolet

For: Payment of a property damage claim filed on Dec. 26, 2012, by Nicole Lorton of Urbandale after Officer Trevor Spear made a right-hand turn from the left (or inside) lane and hit her vehicle at the intersection of Southeast 14th Street and East King Avenue.


Amount: $780

To: Green Plaque

For: Purchase of two 16-inch, clear glass plaques for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification at the Library.


Salary 020713Salaries and Such

Name: Arthur E. Bonfield

Title: Associate Dean

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Years served: 50

Annual salary: $324,780.84



The Des Moines City Council recently approved human resources director James Wells to travel to San Antonio, Texas, from April 7 – 10, to attend the National Public Employees Labor Relations Association 2013 Annual Training Conference. The conference promises to provide the opportunity for Wells to further develop skills in bargaining and negotiations and enhance his knowledge in most areas of labor management. This travel expense comes with a $1,750 price tag to local tax payers. CV

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