Friday, June 21, 2024

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Shabby royalty


King of the Tramps front man Todd Partridge.

King of the Tramps front man Todd Partridge.

“I listen to the tramp, tramp of my feet and wonder where I was going and why I was going.”

Bart Kennedy said that back when he was fighting and writing his way across the United States 110 years ago. And while most of us today are too soft and complacent to go wandering the countryside in search of adventure and our next meal, the desire for that feeling of carefree joy is universal.

It was a feeling that was available to all who searched for it last Saturday at Gas Lamp, thanks to the combined efforts of Peace Love and Stuff and King of the Tramps.

Peace Love and Stuff, the evening’s opening act, is a polished, high-energy act that’s a comfortable fit in a wide variety of lineups. Its sound is rockabilly infused and tight, with nary a weak link in the band. Timekeeper Joe McGuire and bassist Jacob Doll keep the low end hopping, while the band’s flash and sizzle is supplied by incomparable front woman Lavonne McRoberts and the sensational slide work of lead guitarist Dylan Boyle. Currently working on its first full-length album, Peace Love and Stuff has honed its live shows over the past several months, developing a performance that is cohesive and fun.

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But the evening belonged to King of the Tramps. The Auburn five-piece was celebrating the release of its new album, “Wicked Mountain,” and for anyone new to the Tramps’ sound, Saturday night was an impressive, irresistible primer. The Tramps — consisting of guitarist Justin Snyder, bassist Adam Smith, keyboardist Adam Audlehelm and drummer Ryan Audlehelm — is presided over by front man Todd Partridge. Part troubadour, part tent revival preacher, Partridge holds court over his audience, welcoming all to the Tramps roots rock/jam band sound with the charisma of a faith healer. CV

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