Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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This has been a long time coming. Dark Mirror has been working on its newest album, “Patterns of Chaos,” for what seems like forever. There have been technical difficulties, illnesses and a revolving door of guitarists. But you can’t keep good men down forever.

Dark Mirror’s CD release party is at Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St., on Saturday, May 9, at 9 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door.

Dark Mirror’s CD release party is at Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St., on Saturday,
May 9, 5 to 9 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door.

“We had an issue with the other guitar spot,” guitarist Garan Drozd said. “We’ve gone through a couple since this process started. It came down to losing one guitarist, getting another, then losing him. Eventually, I just recorded all of the guitar parts myself.”

By the end of the process, the band found itself not only wanting to get the album done, but needing to find a way to make old songs feel fresh again.

“My biggest fear was that a lot of the songs on here are songs what we’ve played show after show after show,” lead singer Adam Taylor said. “People have heard them a hundred thousand times. Were they going to want to buy the album? Well, listening to the final copy of it, I want to buy it, and I’m in the band. That’s how good we feel about it.”

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The band gives a lot of the credit for the finished project to producer Jeff Stone. The Maw bassist has an extraordinarily discerning ear and an ability to tap into a band’s best side.

“His work with the album, the little things he picks up on, really gave the album character,” Taylor said. “And that’s what the album needed to not be a dud: character. You can feel the music.”

But “Patterns of Chaos” was not created in a vacuum. As the band grew and evolved over the time it took to get the album in the can, the songs evolved with it. This is not a time capsule album. Everything you hear is a reflection of where the band is now as an entity, not where they came from.

“Over the time that I’ve been involved in Dark Mirror, my voice has evolved and gotten better,” Taylor explained. “We’ve played together for years. There’s a lot more that goes into creating art when you’ve been through this kind of stuff together.” CV


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