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Field Division’s EP release show is at Vaudeville Mews on Friday, Oct. 24.

Field Division’s EP release show is at Vaudeville Mews on Friday, Oct. 24.

Evelyn Taylor moved to Nashville from Des Moines two years ago. After spending 22 years in Des Moines, the Iowa girl felt that the Music City was the best place for her to explore her own sound and elevate her music to a new level.

“You’re surrounded by so many people with such talent and creativity,” she said in a phone interview about her adopted home. “There’s a lot to learn here.”

Nicholas Frampton, another Des Moines native, had made his way to Nashville about six months prior. Even though the two moved for different reasons and initially worked on different projects, the combination of their talent, shared experiences and musical interests drew them to a collaboration.

“The move brought us together,” Taylor said. “I’d always wanted to write songs with him, but the fact that we both wound up in Nashville allowed this project to take off.”

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Field Division, a dreamy, electro-infused act that the pair describes as “Folkwave,” was what emerged. Taylor’s gossamer vocals push the sound forward, buoyed by Frampton’s harmonies and production talents.

“To us, ‘Folkwave’ means that our songs are rooted in the folk, Americana genre, but with some dream pop,” Taylor explained. “We’ve had our music described as ‘futuristic ’60s,’ which I like.

“Frampton’s a brilliant arranging producer,” Taylor continued. “So that’s how our first EP came about. I would bring him songs that I’d already written. But now that we’re thinking about an album, we start every song from zero together. We bring each other lyrics and ideas, and we’re trying to be more of a team. Everything feels really natural.”

Now, as they begin work on that full-length album, Field Division is coming home. Though still based in Nashville, the duo is collaborating with a Des Moines production team on their LP. Taylor doesn’t want to name names just yet, but describes the people involved as her “dream team.”

“These guys were people I’d always wanted to work with,” she said. “So when they were interested, it was the perfect situation. I’m really excited to have them involved, and we’ve got some great ideas.”

In the meantime, there’s an EP to release this week. The duo has only played a handful of shows in their hometown, so each trip back feels like a reintroduction.

“People have been really into it,” Taylor said of the hometown response. “But we always want to grow that.” CV

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