Friday, May 14, 2021

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Sound Check

Sound Check


AngleSleeve ECO

“Talkin’ Story”

One Leg Up Productions

For years, Jarid Catrenich has been an unsung hero of the local hip-hop scene, releasing material on a regular basis under the name Angle. On his latest album, “Talkin’ Story,” Angle shows that he still has incredible flow and the ability to put together catchy hooks that will rattle around your brain for days. “Talkin’ Story” also makes good use of its guest stars, notably Kurt Loving on “Until It’s Gone,” with its reworking of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as filtered through Loving’s Bill Withers-esque voice. Felix Thunder (“Out That Loop”), Myka 9 (“On a Clear Day”) and regular Angle contributor Ptate (“All Alone”) also help strengthen their tracks. “Talkin’ Story” isn’t groundbreaking, but anytime Angle picks up a mic, it’s worth a listen. This one is definitely good for a few spins. ♦

Dang Feltondang-felton

Prep Iowa

“A Knock on the Door”

Nova Labs

There’s nothing flashy or showy about Des Moines singer-songwriter Dang Felton’s work. On “A Knock on the Door,” he showcases his solid guitar work, melodic voice and strong songwriting skills. He’s performing without a safety net, but by playing to his strengths, he doesn’t really need one. With some clear debt owed to Nick Drake (and a touch of Cat Stevens), Felton has crafted 10 songs that are warm and inviting. At times, the songs blend together in style, but that’s the cost of only having a guitar and a voice to carry every song. Felton uses his tools well over the course of “A Knock on the Door,” building a consistent little world for his tunes to exist in. It’s an intimate album, perfect for a fall evening. ♦

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