Thursday, August 11, 2022

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“Murder” (EP)


This winter, after its annual hibernation period, Mint returns to the local music forefront with a new EP. Consisting of three new songs and an extended version of the title track, “Murder” serves as a small reminder of everything about the band that excites and frustrates you. From a technical standpoint, the songs are all well-written and impeccably performed. “Chosen Ones” is the best of the three tracks and is the song that comes closest to fulfilling the band’s potential as a straight rock outfit, while being infused with just enough electronic influences to stay poppy. But none of the tracks ever really takes that next step and finishes the job. If there is one complaint to be made about Mint, it would be that the band’s sound is almost too clean, leaving the EP with a detached, antiseptic feel. CV


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa


“Last Dragon”

Dragon Music

If nothing else, you have to give Sisqo — the tone deaf one-hit wonder who gave us 1999’s “Thong Song” — props for perseverance. He has intended to release a trilogy of albums and has finally managed to release the final installment, even in the face of an overwhelming number of people no longer giving a shit. It has been 14 years since Sisqo’s last solo effort, and he spends too much of the album catching up to trends that have already become passe. “A-List” is an autotuned mess that even T-Pain would say needed some work, and “Find Out,” one imagines, came about when Sisqo found out about Chris Brown via Google and decided to see if that sound still worked. The world has passed you by, dear Sisqo. Here’s hoping that “Last Dragon” is your last effort. CV

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