Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Two of a kind


two of a kind-DMXRapper DMX was arrested, yet again, and charged with a contempt of court warrant on Oct. 27. He had a warrant for allegedly failing to pay child support, but when he appeared in court that day, he begged the judge to release him from jail so he could perform at scheduled gigs and earn money. The judge agreed and released DMX, 44, without bail.two of a kind-cruikshank

Similarly, Arthur Elton Cruikshank, also 44, was arrested on Sept. 9 and charged with contempt – other act or omission of district court. A few more things Cruikshank has in common with DMX: He was also previously arrested in 2013, and his bond was set at an affordable $0.

This information was obtained from the Polk County Crime Stoppers website. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Des Moines Police Detective Bureau asks that anyone with information on the location or identity of this suspect call 515-283-4864 or The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.

Two city trucks stolen from Polk City were found northeast of Polk City at about noon on Friday, Oct. 30. The vehicles were stolen late Wednesday or early Thursday, and both are Ford F350 super duty trucks with yellow warning lights on top and city logos on the sides. They each had utility boxes in the back containing various maintenance equipment and tools. Other tools and items were taken from the city shop. The trucks are valued between $100,000 and $150,000, according to officials. The Polk City Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office are still investigating the crime. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Sgt. Dustin Bjornson at the Polk County Police Department at 984-6565, or Detective Jeff Hinrichs of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 286-3333, ext. 3867.

Blotter — Des Moines

Relationship problems
Police were dispatched to a Des Moines home for a reported burglary on Nov. 2. The victim told police that someone had broken into her house and stolen her LG tablet. Around midnight, the victim started receiving text messages calling her a liar and a cheater while she was out of the house. The victim and her mother went to the house and found the front door secure, but a basement window was left open and accessible. The victim’s ex-girlfriend spoke to police by phone, mentioning she had been at the house earlier that day but that she didn’t enter through a window or take anything that wasn’t hers. The ex-girlfriend refused further conversation, and no charges were made at the time.

Prep Iowa

She’s just hangry
On Halloween, police were dispatched to a Des Moines Burger King for a report of an assault. The Burger King manager told police that a woman had thrown a meal that she was not happy with at the manager, complaining that the food was cold. The suspect received her food at the drive-thru, but cam into the store about 10 minutes later and threw her bag of food at the manager, demanding her money back, while the manager was helping other customers. The victim told the suspect that she was calling the police, and the suspect left the store. Police were able to run the license plates of the suspect, but she did not answer when police arrived at her residence. Other restaurant employees witnessed the assault, as well as security camera footage.

Halloween treats
Officers responded to reports of a burglary in progress at a Des Moines residence on Oct. 31. Police were notified of a male wearing a blue coat who was going in and out of a vacant residence with his dog. When police arrived, the back door of the residence seemed to be kicked open, with a lock and clasp dangling from the doorframe. The officers announced their presence and ordered the man to come out of the back door with his hands up. The suspect came out and was then ordered to the ground at gunpoint. The residence, a past restoration business, appeared to have been ransacked, according to police. The suspect was placed into custody without incident, and a backpack and trash bag were found filled with items from the house. Police were unable to make contact with the owner of the residence at the time of the report, but the suspect told police that he had worked at the business in the past and that all the items were just going to be thrown away anyway. CV

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