Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Des Moines, IA- The Polk County Board of Supervisors held a public meeting today (June 4) at 1:00 and voted
unanimously to rescind the Curfew Order that took effect on Sunday, May 31 and was amended on June 2, 2020.
The Curfew Order was put in place at the request of Mayor Frank Cownie and Governor Reynolds in response to the
public disorder and violence that occurred this past week.

After several nights of peaceful protests and in consultation with law enforcement and all of the Mayors within Polk
County, the Board of Supervisors agreed the Amended Curfew Order should be lifted – effective immediately the
Amended Curfew Order is Rescinded. Local leaders and law enforcement trust that the protests will continue in a
peaceful manner and they look forward to engaging in the critical issue of racial justice. A curfew will remain an
option that will be implemented only in the event that public disorder, including violence and/or property
destruction, takes place in our communities.

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