Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Waukee Named Fastest-Growing Large (20,000+) City in Iowa


Waukee, Iowa — The State Data Center at the State Library of Iowa has released estimates for populations of Iowa cities in 2019 from the U.S. Census Bureau. These estimates will be the last look at Iowa’s population totals before the release of the 2020 Census. Based on recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates, out of all Iowa cities with populations larger than 20,000, Waukee has grown the fastest since 2010!

The fastest growing cities in Iowa since 2010 with a population greater than 20,000 include:

• Waukee – 24,089 population, 74.4 percent growth

• Ankeny – 67,355 population, 47.7 percent growth

• Johnston – 22,582 population, 30.7 percent growth

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• West Des Moines – 67,899 population, 19.7 percent growth

The City of Waukee also saw the third highest numeric increase in population since 2010, having welcomed 10,280 new residents to the community within that timeframe. “We are thrilled so many recognize what a wonderful hometown Waukee can be and are now able to enjoy all our vibrant community has to offer,” said Waukee Mayor Courtney Clarke. “While these population estimates are in line with our projections, the most official count will be revealed through the 2020 Census. Waukee currently has a 71 percent response rate, and we encourage everyone to please respond for an accurate count.”

As the City continues to invest in infrastructure and amenities, and the Waukee Community School District continues to attract people with its quality education and programs, growth in and around Waukee is expected to continue. City officials project that Waukee’s population could reach 35,000 by the year 2030.

Read the population highlights and find full Iowa city population data on the State Data Center’s website at

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