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Denny Arthur’s: something old, something new



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The drinks flow heavily as the dancing crowd grows bigger and bigger throughout a night at Denny Arthur’s.

Going out for drinks, hitting the dance floor and chatting up some good-looking people is a standard activity for the 21 to 30 age group. It’s still relevant to the 30 to 50 age group, although probably not a weekly endeavor. What about the 50 to 80 group? Are they “too old” for going out?

Not according to the crowd at Denny Arthur’s.

Most of its patrons are older than 35, but none of them are “old” as we know the word. Seventy-year-old men can groove with the best of them, and you can bet you’ll see a woman in her fifties looking for a hot young dance partner.

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And, yes, Denny Arthur’s is well known for its cougars, but that’s only one slice of the pizza. (The metaphorical pizza, that is; sorry, they don’t serve food.)

The crowd is made up of every race, sex and age group — and they all join together seamlessly under the disco ball (yes, there is a disco ball). Music switches from today’s hits to ’60s favorites to ’80s classics and back through, favoring no single generation.

I’ve never been to a disco, but this is what I would imagine it would be like today — a mix of music and dance styles that could only happen in bar frequented by seasoned pros of the disco era and their kids.

For the full effect, head to Denny Arthur’s at about 7 or 8 p.m. The music is a little older, and the dancers — well, they might be moving a little slower, but they do it well. As the night goes on, the 70-plus audience seems to dwindle, and the beats become faster and newer.

From the high-top tables lining the bar’s walls, patrons can watch 20-year-olds busting a move, 30-year-olds dancing with 60-somethings, and everything in between.

The most dancers fill the floor during songs of the 1970s through 1990s, because, as we all know, what was once in style and has gone out of style always comes back into style. Music is the same, because it reminds us of a time years ago when we were listening to that same song somewhere else.


Denny Arthur’s doesn’t often top the list of places to go when discussing a night at the bars for the just-turned-21 group. But for those who have heard of it, it can quickly become something of a regular haunt.

Here’s a little test to see if you fall into the category of Denny Arthur’s fans:

  • Do you like to dance in a club atmosphere? Denny Arthur’s is for you.
  • Do you like to sit and drink while you watch others dance? Denny Arthur’s is for you.
  • Do you like watching unlikely couples come together? Denny Arthur’s is for you.
  • Do you like people-watching the most interesting types? Denny Arthur’s is for you.

Really, it’s hard to point out a group that wouldn’t fit in at Denny Arthur’s. It’s just an ordinary place that hosts an unordinary group of individuals — and it’s an experience everyone should have at least once. CV


Denny Arthur’s
2400 86th St., Suite 7

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