Monday, July 4, 2022

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At Home With

Matt Guess and Melissa Delanoit


Living in luxury

IMG_4606The Confluence on Third apartment complex — 103 S.W. Third St. — more closely resembles a luxury hotel than apartments. There is a large pool, hot tub, fire pit, bocce ball court, rooftop, dedicated dog area and much more. If the amenities weren’t exciting enough, the 211-unit complex just opened in April, so everything in it is brand new.

Anyone who has hunted for an apartment in or near downtown Des Moines knows how stressful it can be. Openings can be scarce, and making contact can be even harder. Once contact is made and an appointment scheduled, there’s no guarantee the unit will still be available upon arrival. It’s become an oddly competitive atmosphere, more akin to larger cities.

“We were calling and trying to find places, and no one would call us back. And we called here, and they called us back within 24 hours,” says Melissa DeLanoit.

The stellar management and even more stellar amenities are why newly engaged couple Matt Guess and Melissa DeLanoit decided to move into a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 700-square-foot downtown dwelling in June. The smell of new wood and the sparkle of new appliances haven’t yet lost their luster.

“We wanted no responsibilities, no extra work that comes with owning a house or having to maintain something yourself, and this has been a great experience for that, because you truly just get to move in and enjoy living down here. It’s been awesome,” says DeLanoit.


The move was exciting for the couple because it is their first time living together. They met on Coffee Meets Bagel — a dating app — and began dating in February 2016. A year later, they began discussing moving in together and happily settled on Confluence on Third. Shortly after moving in, Guess proposed.

“It’s been good. We’ve been joking that we’ve been in pre-marriage classes. Like with home projects, we put together Ikea furniture, we built bookshelves,” says DeLanoit.

Anyone who has put together Ikea furniture knows it is the truest test of patience, communication and compatibility.

“All those things that could be stressful, but we got through them great,” says Guess.

Walking into the lobby, a fresh, clean smell is the first thing that hits you, like walking into a spa. Then there’s the immaculate furniture, art, and fire-and-ice fireplace to the right, begging to be Instagrammed. A little further in and there’s a lounge, complete with a bar, booths and pool table. After a couple of drinks, one would be forgiven for thinking he or she was in an actual bar.

Just to the right of the lounge is a theater room with a 60-inch flat-screen TV and plush leather couch. Guess thoroughly enjoys watching “Game of Thrones” on Sunday evenings with his fellow residents.

IMG_4572“There’s a bunch of us sitting down in the TV room, with all the blinds drawn and lights off, cinematic sound turned up,” Guess says. “And I don’t need to have HBO. Which isn’t a big deal when people have their parent’s login, but to have a place with a big screen and comfy couches and people cheering and screaming together is just fun.”

The couple spends a lot of time in the complex’s common spaces. In these summer months, they have especially enjoyed the outdoor amenities. They grill a few times a week and enjoy the pool. DeLanoit likes to have her bridesmaids over for drinks on the rooftop. The couple entertains at Confluence on Third, and anytime they have multiple guests over they like to take advantage of these spaces.

Underground, heated parking is another element the couple savors. In a downtown with increasingly fewer parking spots, a guaranteed spot is rare and a huge coo. But they both agree, the scenery can’t be beat.

“I really like our view,” says Guess, without hesitation.

The view of downtown is the true mark of coveted real estate in the metro. Living in the heart of it all, and being able to walk everywhere are other benefits. To walk to dinner and the bars — and not worry about parking or paying a meter — is a simple pleasure they both enjoy. It also provides convenient access for an after party.

“When she’s ready to go to bed, me and the guys get a beer at the bar,” laughs Guess. ♦


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