Friday, July 1, 2022

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Why all the fuss?



I find this very interesting. After Patti Judge won the primary election she said, “Chuck, do your job! Sen. Grassley, hold a hearing for President Obama’s Supreme Court judge nominee. Do you just want Donald Trump to nominate our next Supreme Court justice?” It sounds like, to me, that Judge believes Trump will win the presidential election in the fall, not Hillary Clinton. Very interesting. If the Democrats are so sure Hillary will win the election, why are they making such a “big fuss” about President Obama’s nominee not having a hearing?

Shirley MacDonald

Des Moines



Hillary Clinton is a power-hungry villian

The recent editorial by the usual radical liberal contributors suggesting that crooked Hillary Clinton was somehow “smeared” by recent Republican acknowledgement of FBI findings would be laughable if not so delusional. The vast majority of the American public cannot see the true nature of the Clintons. FBI Director James Comey pointed out her sloppy, careless email management, which compromised American intelligence, but worse than that, she lied on multiple occasions to cover this up. Even the skeptics have now had an ice water bath of the reality that the Clintons indeed believe they are far above the law, immune from the rules that apply to everyone else. This is a watershed moment in this campaign, where even the casual political observer can see just what a mean, power-hungry villain Hillary really is and how misguided the few who still follow her are.

Doug Jackson

West Des Moines

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