Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Republican candidates are fortune tellers


The Republican presidential candidates have a very important qualification that the news media has failed to report correctly. Many of those candidates have demonstrated the remarkable ability to predict the future. The most recent example was evident in regard to President Obama’s executive orders on guns. Several Republican candidates exhibited an uncanny ability by predicting the substance of the president’s actions prior to him divulging them. Amazingly, prior to the president’s announced actions on guns, these Republican candidates predicted the consequences of those actions. Chris Christie called the president a “petulant child” who would issue “illegal executive actions on guns.” Carly Fiorina predicted they would be a “lawless, unconstitutional overreach.” Jeb Bush predicted they would “trample the second amendment” and were part of a “gun grabbing agenda.” Marco Rubio said the president is “obsessed” with undermining the second amendment. This isn’t the first time these candidates have displayed this supernatural talent. Repeatedly, they have been able foretell the future before the president acts. Shouldn’t the news media be doing in-depth profiles examining these candidates’ supernatural abilities to foretell the future?

Rick Smith

It’s the same thing
Former Gov. Chet Culver and the Iowa Legislature increased Iowa’s budget more than $1 billion in just two years. Gov. Branstad promises a 15 percent reduction in the cost of government but actually increases costs in Iowa by 15 percent (Civic Skinny, Jan. 14). Remind me again what the real difference is between the actions of Democrats and the actions of Republicans and what the alternatives are for Iowa voters.

Mike Rowley

Branstad is failing our schools
None of the grades cited on the education report card you compiled for Gov. Branstad (Civic Skinny, Jan. 14) are the stuff of honor rolls. But one clearly stands out as the worst: “F” in per-pupil funding as measured by Education Week. And given his call for only a 2.45 percent hike in the latest Condition of the State address, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be passing by the time schools and the Legislature let out in the spring.

Mike Wellman
-Des Moines

Clinton is a champion for women’s rights
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s quote “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights,” encompasses the vision of America I wish for our granddaughters. The spectrum of “rights” is vast. As a supporter of Planned Parenthood, my attention is often on reproductive rights as fundamental human rights.  At the Iowa Brown and Black Forum, Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “When sexuality is an intrinsic part of human life, we should not run away from it. We should explain it — biology and sexuality — to our kids on a factual basis. Period.” While I agree with Sanders, I am following Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s endorsement of Clinton. In the 100 years of this organization, this is the earliest PPAF has endorsed a presidential candidate and the first time ever during a presidential primary. Clinton believes that health care and reproductive rights are fundamental to ensuring growth and opportunity for everyone in our country. There has never been a presidential candidate with such a strong record of leading the fight for our country’s women. Clinton will defend against the Republican presidential candidate’s hateful rhetoric and attacks on Planned Parenthood where women are allowed to make their own reproductive health care decisions. What is at stake for women’s rights in this election cannot be emphasized enough. America needs Clinton in the White House to champion for the women in your house.

Barb Yankey

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  1. Tom Chapman says:

    The U.S. Catholic bishops in their new “Faithful Citizenship” document describe the Church’s cause as “the defense of human life and dignity and the protection of the weak and vulnerable.” This includes a priority concern for the millions of undocumented immigrants in our country.

    Our immigration system needs comprehensive reform. We shouldn’t wait to repair a system that does not accommodate the migration realities we face today, does not respect the basic human rights of migrants, and fails to address the root causes of migration.

    Next week, we are working alongside the Iowa Alliance for Growth to facilitate a roundtable to discuss with local activists, religious officials, and community leaders the importance of this issue. With the Iowa caucuses just two weeks away, it’s our responsibility as concerned citizens to find out how presidential candidates plan to address the issue.

    Tom Chapman

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