Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Trump is a rabbit in a track meet


Des Moines Register writer Deb McMahon has harshly (again, as per usual) hammered a conservative in a newspaper. This time it’s The Donald, referring to him, among other things, as narcissistic. But where’s the perspective? Unlike many progressives, I will concede a point now and then. Donald “is” a narcissist! I strongly disliked the Trumpster and his whole pretentious and contrived concept of “The Apprentice,” where he fired people on national TV. But politically speaking, and as a conservative, he’s refreshing and does seem to take many issues seriously, at least thus far. Would we rather have the usual milquetoasts like Romney, who, after having had scimitars hurled into his back by Harry Reid (who accused him of not paying his taxes for several years), responded by wishing him a happy retirement? There’s a time for dignity, yes, but this! Trump wasn’t perfect but actually not far off at all in the wording of his immigration statement, especially considering the gravity of the problem, and I’d say El Chapo and lots of other thugs have proven it. Yes, he misspoke some on McCain’s Prisoner of War ordeals, but this has to be weighed against McCain’s instigating things by calling Trump’s supporters crazies. Progressives often don’t balance things. I try to. Donald Trump isn’t even my favorite candidate. There is another man, a lot more refined in my opinion, yet also strong. He has strode like a titan upon the political landscape for a long while, and I have respected and pinned my hopes on him: Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz. Yet, I still — as of now — respect Trump for getting our blood up and having the moxie to put himself out there in raising the critical issues in a non-P.C. way! I hope he serves like a rabbit of sorts in a track meet, energizing and challenging his fellow conservatives who may overtake him (if he fades), but come to respect him for setting the pace for them and hitting back at the distortions.

Kirby Smith
-Des Moines


A return on investment

According to Civic Skinny, the presidential hopefuls haven’t raised much money here (Iowa). Democrats have raised $69,786, and Hillary Clinton is the biggest money-getter with $51,891. Two days ago, The Washington Times reported, “Hillary Clinton spends $2 million on her first TV ads in Iowa, New Hampshire.” Sounds like the Iowa economy will benefit from that kind of return on investment. Well, at least until these financial genius politicians running for office take power and spend our tax dollars in the same manner.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Mike Rowley

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