Thursday, January 27, 2022

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What the Hull?


I was a little disappointed to see The Hull Ave. Tavern left out of your “100 favorite bars” list. As a musician who plays there, I can attest that they have fantastic live music and never a cover, as well as tasty bar eats and an amazing crowd. Plus, it’s like the oldest bar west of the Mississippi, or maybe even ever! I guess everyone’s allowed one mistake.

Timm Pilcher
–Des Moines

Republicans are wrong on women’s rights

Of all the issues confronting voters in today’s uncertain world, I find the Republican stand on women’s rights to be one of the most frightening. Not only are they adamantly anti-choice, in their fervor to outlaw all abortions they would prevent women from having safe pregnancies, making their own decisions about their own bodies and from obtaining reasonable and affordable health care. It is beyond my comprehension that any woman would run on such a platform, let alone that any woman would vote for one.

Jo F. Berry

Bald baseball field

From the top floors of the Ruan Building, we noticed the grass is gone from the I-Cubs baseball field. Bald! The field looks sad from a bird’s eye view, sad and muddy. Surely they didn’t use chemicals to kill the old grass when they sit at the junction of two rivers… Hope they up-cycled the old grass. Looking forward to seeing the green I-Cubs field next spring.

Annette Shaw
–Polk City

Editor’s note:  We asked management at the Iowa Cubs, and we were told that the field is being rebuilt. The old grass was not killed by chemicals. The grass and sand and dirt were harvested off the field by machine, and the mix has been piled temporarily in large mounds in the north parking lot at Principal Park. Ultimately, it will be trucked to the Cownie Soccer Complex, which the Cubs maintain, and composted. New sod will arrive shortly.

Republicans’ attack on Appel is reprehensible

Both the GuestView and Duffy’s cartoon (September 15) feature the voters’ frustrations with enduring the avalanche of ridiculous political ads.

However, one extremely negative smear campaign has been launched by Republicans against Congressional candidate Staci Appel in regard to her debate answer on terrorism and passports. She answered a question on taking passports from American citizens suspected of terrorism by saying the legal process must be followed. Her opponent Young cavalierly advocated taking Americans’ passports with no solid proof or evidence of links to terrorism.

Multiple Republican groups have piled on, suggesting Appel, a mother of six, somehow supports terrorism. These so-called liberty Republicans who brag about carrying the constitution in their hip pocket should be cheering her courageous stand to protect American citizens’ right to due process. Following the debate, Appel made it clear if Americans were proven to have links to terrorist activities she supports following the law and restricting their travel through passport restrictions.

These vicious, unsupported attacks on her patriotism are the lowest form of negative advertising and suggests ugly fear mongering is alive and well in the Republican Party.

Shame on Republicans for these “say anything to win” attacks.

Rick Smith

Templeton lies

There has been much controversy and even a lawsuit concerning the authenticity of Templeton Rye Whiskey. Being a native of Carroll County, I have long taken an interest. Early on, the makers of Templeton Rye put a label on the back of the bottle. My bottle says the contents are from “Batch 4, Barrel 202, Bottle 109. Bottled in Templeton on 01-21-2011.” The label also states: “Prohibition Era Recipe” and “Produced and Bottled by: Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC, Templeton, Iowa.”

We now know that the label was dishonest. When they stopped putting the batch, barrel and bottle numbers on their product, I wrote and asked them if they were having problems with counterfeit products. I did not receive a reply. According to the Chicago lawsuit, it was all counterfeit!

Gary Thelen
–West Des Moines

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