Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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All I want to know is…


When does Terry Branstad go on television and talk about his dog “Checkers” and the Republican cloth coat? 

Bob Runge
–Des Moines


Gov’s hear no evil/see no evil response fails

Branstad has stained the reputation of Iowa good government with the secret hush money payments scandal. He has failed the leadership test by firing the DAS chief but refusing to investigate any deeper. Branstad’s knee jerk response was to dismiss one of his managers and declare the case closed. The much more crucial question yet to be answered is why all these Branstad managers felt compelled to silence fired employees and hide the secret hush money payments from the public. There is a foul odor of political intimidation and retribution that is emanating from Branstad’s office and it appears to have infected his department managers.

Apparently, this governor has been on the job too long and has grown arrogant and inattentive to the public’s need for honest and responsible leadership.

CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)

It’s time for a new Democratic governor to sweep out the Branstad New Jersey style bully politics that has poisoned the Iowa tradition of good government.

Rick Smith


One love

Yesterday I drove up to an intersection and saw a man holding a sign up. It read “Anything Will Help.” I gave him a dollar. What would you do? Is it your obligation not to judge and create justice so that the poor can be raised up? Your quality of faith can be measured by how you treat the most vulnerable, poor, homeless, strangers, elderly and even your own neighbors.

It’s not just about giving up a dollar or your excess, but it is about helping to create a world that is more just. Many people will say these issues are not irrelevant. What this really means is: “As long as it doesn’t affect me it doesn’t matter.” In a socially conscious person, it should cry outrage and a willingness to contribute to change.  Love others as you would love yourself.

Robin Roby
–Des Moines


CLARIFICATION: The Tour for Life Mega Adoption event held in Cedar Rapids on April 19 involved only local rescue animals. None were imported breeds, as New Designs Kennel owner, and Iowa Federation of Animal Owners spokesperson had claimed, according to event facilitators, the Iowa Humane Alliance and the North Shore Animal Rescue League.

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