Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Braley needs to remember his roots


Bruce Braley’s message to a roomful of Texas trial lawyers is still reverberating. But somehow the issue that should have turned heads didn’t. What should have had Iowans across all party lines feeling disgusted is that Braley told a group of non-Iowans that if they gave him campaign money, he could be their voice in Washington.

Their voice? Isn’t Braley running to represent Iowans? For a seat that should give voice to Iowans, and Iowans alone?

We’ve become so used to politics-as-usual that we gloss over the biggest problem, which is that we aren’t represented by our officials anymore.

Our voices have been hijacked by special interests. The status quo, which is neither for the people nor by the people, has been forced upon us. Braley is not to blame for it. This event is an everyday occurrence in a system that requires candidates to hunt for money wherever it is.

We need to get our democracy back where it belongs — in the hands of voters. Let’s allow our elected officials to quit spending time at fundraisers, and start getting things done for constituents.


Morgan Molden, Grimes


Give Narcisse a chance

Having been nurtured by some of our country’s greatest advocates of voter enfranchisement, I am deeply disappointed with the two recent rulings of the district and Iowa Supreme Court denying Mr. Narcisse an opportunity to appear as a candidate for Governor in the Democratic Primary.

Iowa’s history of enfranchisement is a cornerstone of its uniqueness. Rules and procedures that are not equally applied to all candidates seeking office diminish the process. It creates cynicism that will weaken a vibrant democratic process.

Although, the judicial system denied Narcisse a place on the Democratic Primary ballot, it is encouraging that recognition was given to the importance of his claim by considering and deciding his case promptly.

Narcisse, in his lawsuit, asked the court to consider a fair and impartial review of a candidate’s nomination papers, an equitable rule for all candidates and distinguishing technical violations from substantive ones. His suit pointed to clear deficiencies in the nomination process that will lay the groundwork for needed improvements.

Alfredo Parrish, Des Moines


It’s a people’s right

Civic Skinny reported (apparently with a bit of surprise) that Gov. Branstad was boo-ed at a hockey game last week. Seems like cheers would have been more of “man bites dog story.”

What are the odds of boo-ing a politician? Fans out, many young adults, some drinking, attending a sport where actually stopping the game to allow opposing participants to pummel each other is celebrated. Referees and other authority figures are routinely verbally berated with language that would make a sailor blush.

Don’t take it personal, Governor. The “greeting” for a politician at a hockey game would probably have left Lincoln speechless.

Mike Rowley, Clive


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