Friday, August 12, 2022

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Gambling and Same Sex Marriage


There is money in offering legalized opportunities in Iowa that is not available elsewhere. Most of Iowa’s casinos are along the state borders and take in money from out-of-state players. Now it has come to light, according to data from the Iowa Department of Public Health, that the counties with the most same sex marriage licenses issued per capita are also along the borders of Iowa. Below are the top eight counties:

1. Winneshiek (Decorah). Near both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

2. Fremont (Hamburg). At the other extreme from Decorah, way down in the southwest corner of Iowa that almost washed away in the flooding of 2011. It is easily accessible to people from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Their business must be booming!

3. Pottawattamie (Council Bluffs). And three casinos, too!

4. Johnson (Iowa City). Only fourth on the list!

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

5. Scott County (Davenport). People from Illinois.

6. Dubuque County (Dubuque). Illinois again. I remember when Dubuque people had to go to Illinois to drink legally. What a reversal!

7. Polk (Des Moines). Only seventh despite being the largest metropolitan area in Iowa.

8. Worth County (Northwood). Way up there on the Minnesota border. It also has a very successful casino. Minnesota people know a good thing when they see it!

Gambling and sex. There is money to be made, and Iowa is a Mecca of both, a bright beacon in a sea of surrounding conservatism!

Gary Thelen

West Des Moines


A risky business indeed

You may have noticed that The Des Moines Register tries to stay away from being risky. You also may have noticed that Mr. Gaesser, farming for nearly 45 years, mentioned profit more than once but never mentioned water pollution or the hassle city water works are having trying their best to provide clean water to customers. Record-breaking nitrate concentrates in the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers “means water requires extensive treatment.” Farmer Gaesser demands more profit while the demand for more water increases from 60 to 70 million gallons per day in the Des Moines area alone.

“Any technology that helps me and my family earn a little bit more is welcome advancement.” He mentioned “each hard-fought acre” like it was the 1930s and he and son are farming 80 acres with a team of horses. Gaesser cited four farm organizations which he feels are critical to insure more profit for farmers. He and the four organizations believe farming is the backbone of our nation’s economy, totally unwilling to admit that clean water is the backbone of life in the U.S. — the good life for everyone living in Iowa.

There is no money going to politicians regarding water or the quality of water. There is plenty of money going to politicians from farmers like Gaesser, fertilizer companies and dealers and biotechnology companies selling profitable seeds. And as for money going to politicians, we shouldn’t leave out the pork industry should we? Living in Iowa is a risky business indeed because of water pollution.

John Hicks

Des Moines


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