Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Will DART listen to ‘us poor folks’ next time?


To the disaffected transit riders in Des Moines, let’s begin by dispensing with the silly talk about DART not caring. Accusation of not caring cannot be substantiated, and caring is beside the point. It’s not the transit company’s PR people’s job to care. Their task is to communicate. How they feel about riders and drivers is immaterial.                 

So will they be providing bus service appropriate to the needs of the folks who depend on them? Have they done an adequate job of communicating all these fancy, new plans? We’ll see.                 

By their own admission, they are using old figures. “This is one of the early parts of a study we conducted…” said a DART spokesperson, according to Cityview (“Two Weeks on the Bus,” Sept. 6). Old, inaccurate, irrelevant, but a valuable, busy route bit the dust.                 

What will happen when the myriad outliers that DART has decided to cater to don’t show up? By definition, suburbanites rely on private — not public — transportation. They’ll continue commuting to downtown Des Moines until their bosses build new fortresses out where they live. Inevitably they will.                 

When that happens, will DART “listen” to us again and decide there was sufficient revenue generated within the borders of Des Moines proper to justify bussing us poor folks around again? We’ll see.

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Desiree Effner 

–Des Moines


CORRECTIONS: DMMC stands for Des Moines Music Coalition. It was incorrectly named Des Moines Metro Concerts (Sound Stage, Nov. 22). Jeremy Farris’ felony pandering charge is a Class D, punishable by five years imprisonment and a potential fine of $750 to $7,500. It was misprinted that it was a Class C felony (“Sex For Sale,” Nov. 15).


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