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Paid for by taxpayers in… City of Des Moines



To be paid on 6/9/2016


Amount: $41,990

To: Iowa Demolition Inc.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

For: Total demolition cost for three buildings at 2421 E. 36th St., 2412 E. 37th St. and 3935 Mattern Ave.


Amount: $15

To: Des Moines Area Community College

For: Billed to fire department for “poison emergencies” for 224 participants.


Amount: $975

To: Logan Contractors Supply Inc.

For: Traffic cones (130 quantity)
Amount: $18,600

To: Graybar

For: Optical transceivers shipped from factory


Amount: $3,553.50

To: Keltek Inc.

For: Des Moines Police Department weapons storage drawer


Amount: $22,097.30

To: Sandry Fire Supply LLC

For: Fire retardant protector coats and pants for fire department – 10 of each


Amount: $425

To: P&P Small Engines Inc.

For: Stihl chainsaw


Amount: $250

To: O’Keefe Elevator Company Inc.

For: Elevator maintenance


Amount: $220

To: Marsden Building Maintenance LLC

For: Cleaning of three rooms’ carpet at Des Moines Police Academy


Amount: $152,889

To: Kaldenberg’s PBS Landscaping

For: Planting 451 trees


Amount: $20.10

To: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

For: Feline necropsy – an autopsy performed on an animal – by Animal Control Unit


Amount: $42.66

To: Harrison Truck Centers

For: Fixing two turn signals for fire department


Amount: $16.21

To: Baker & Taylor

For: Mystery novel “Murder by the Book” for public library


Amount: $100,000

To: Berger Law Firm

For: Check is being held pending final approval by City Council for a legal settlement with three individuals suing after a city squad car allegedly drove through an intersection and struck their car.


Amount: $860.22

To: Register Media

For: Advertising invoice



Salaries and such

Name        Alec B. ScrantonCV 6-30 PHOTO MONEY SALARY SUCH alec scranton

Title         Dean of the College of Engineering

Department              University of Iowa
Annual Salary         $320,439.96



The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $1,975 for Darlene Blake, a Sister Cities Commissioner, to travel to Stavropol, Russia from June 26 to July 3, 2016. Blake will be traveling to Stavropol to renew the relationship between Stavropol and Des Moines. She will also explore the possibility of commercial trade between the two cities and to sign education renewal agreements between Des Moines Public Schools and Stavropol Public Schools. CV

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