Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…



In Des Moines

To be paid on 4/19/2016


Amount: $3,688,980.22

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Vendors

For: Total amount of bills paid by Polk County on April 19.


Amount: $30,419.63

To: Karl Chevrolet Inc.

For: Automobile


Amount: $1,349,303.28

To: Williams Brothers Construction Inc.

For: Capital outlay


Amount: $18,059.07

To: Atlantic Coca-Cola

For: Iowa Events Center


Amount: $475

To: Best portable toilets

For: Best seat in the house


Amount: $2,000

To: Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund

For: Miscellaneous


Amount: $1,494.51

To: Starbucks

For: Other services and charges


Amount: $1,280.95

To: Cook’s Correctional Kitchen Equipment

For: Supplies


Amount: $979.24

To: Carquest Auto Parts

For: Automobile items


Amount: $7,271.60

To: Boesen the Florist

For: Other services and charges


Amount: $40

To: Davies/Dekalb County Regional Jail

For: Other services and charges


Amount: $4,209.64

To: Integrated Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

For: Personal services


Amount: $33,862.21

To: Anderson Erickson Dairy

For: Supplies


Amount: $792,412.65

To: Total spent on mental health services

For: Treatment of mental health


Amount: $153,939.20

To: Easter Seal Society of Iowa

For:  Mental health services to people with disabilities or special needs


Amount: $195,530.94

To: Link Associates

For: Mental health services. Non-profit services to those with intellectual disabilities


Salaries and such


Name        Catherine L. Klingcv 4-28 pic for SALARIES AND SUCH klingcatherine_2013._jpg

Title         Distinguished Professor – Natural resource and environmental economics

Department              Iowa State University

Annual Salary         $290,460.07





The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $743.20 for Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie to visit Atlanta, Georgia, from April 26 to April 28 to attend the Walkability Action Institute as a team member to participate in training and produce an action plan for a more walkable community. Attending the action institute represents further public investment in walkability improvements, and opportunity to establish a common foundation among team members, and a space to create a shared framework for public health issues in Des Moines and the region. The institute will help develop a message and strategy that aligns with a national movement and resonates on a state and regional level. Grant money has been secured through the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and the Center for Disease Control to help offset a majority of the cost of the trip. CV

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