Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers…


Paid on June 10

Amount: $163.87
To: Precision Midwest (Illinois)
For: Cell phone repair

Amount: $262.50
To: Sebern Structural Services PLLC
For: Engineering review

Amount: $207
To: Nite Owl Printing
For: Various printing projects

Amount: $260.80
To: Badger Truck Refrigeration Inc. (Wisconsin)
For: Compressor

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $40.14
To: Grainger
For: Blue and red chart tape

Amount: $157.95
To: Sam’s Club Direct (Georgia)
For: Sam’s Club bill

Amount: $128
To: International Code Council (Illinois)
For: Fifteen IFC soft/sig changes

Amount: $18.50
To: Unity Point Health
For: Healthcare instructor card

Amount: $380
To: O’Keefe Elevator Company Inc. (Nebraska)
For: Preventative maintenance

Amount: $80
To: Electronic Engineering
For: Tower service

Amount: $63.83
To: Bolton & Hay Inc.
For: Scrubber and oven mitt

Amount: $340.54
To: Push Pedal Pull
For: Equipment maintenance and shipping

Amount: $99
To: City Supply Corporation
For: T&S Add-on-faucet

Amount: $39.99
To: Menards
For: Five-gallon metal gas can


Salary 6-25Salaries and such

Name: Harry Hillaker
Title: State Climatologist
Department: Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Annual Salary: $96,636.80





The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for Amelia Hamilton-Morris to visit Fort Worth, Texas, from July 25 to Aug. 1. Hamilton-Morris will attend courses in the Certified Public Communicator Program, which provides a unique opportunity to work with top professionals from around the nation in municipal communications and marketing to develop several key communications documents. The city is currently in the process of developing a three-year communication plan, social media policies, research-based strategies and tactics, and crisis communication plans. This comes at a cost of $2,425 to taxpayers. CV

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