Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… of the City of Des Moines


Amount: $800

To: Iowa State Reserve Law Officers Association

For: The 2014 annual dues for 40 reserve police officers and full-time police officers

Amount: $1,221.60

To: Midwest Professional Staffing LLC


For: Overtime payment of two employees

Amount: $19.40

To: Jorson & Carlson Inc.

For: One 45 to 58 tooth carbide saw

Amount: $121

To: Water Environment Federation

For: Membership renewal

Amount: $416

To: Chestnut Signs

For: Two sets of 10 Coroplast signs sized 12 inches by 18 inches

Amount: $257.96

To: CDW Government (Illinois)

For: One HP SB Promo Elite Display

Amount: $900

To: Michael O’Brien

For: Materials and labor for repairs made at Nahas Pool in Des Moines

Amount: $140

To: Interpreter Assistance Program

For: Interpretation assistance for the Des Moines Police Department

Amount: $672

To: Tonja Galvan

For: Reimbursement agreement for coordination of sidewalk and pedestrian ramp replacement

Amount: $665

To: Gerald R and Tina Schweitzer

For: Reimbursement agreement for coordination of sidewalk and pedestrian ramp replacement

Amount: $19,804.20

To: Cardinal Tracking Inc.

For: Annual software license, customer service and warranty renewals by the City of Des Moines

Amount: $228.27

To: Koch Brothers

For: Contract base rate charge and contract overage charge

Amount: $320

To: Rochester Armored Car Co. Inc. (Nebraska)

For: Armored car service at the city treasurer’s office

Amount: $255

To: Carol Proctor

For: Reimbursement for damages caused by a city vehicle that discharged a rock into the claimant’s windshield

salaries 9-18Salaries and such

Name: Jean E. Robillard

Title: Vice President for Medical Affairs

Department: University of Iowa

Annual Salary: $700,969


The Des Moines City Council approved travel expenses for Jennifer Westlake, senior police officer, to travel to Kansas City, Missouri, from Sept. 14-21. Westlake will attend a five-day seminar called “Detective and New Criminal Investigator” conducted at the Public Agency Training Council Training Center. It is designed to help familiarize offers on how to conduct follow-up investigations and start to provide the foundation of the techniques they will use to become effective detectives. This comes at a cost of $1,364 to taxpayers. CV

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