Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…Polk County


Amount: $3,140

To: Jim John’s Inc.

For: The cost to have 33 Porta-potties at various parks and cemeteries in Des Moines.


Amount: $1,264.99


To: TMC Auto Body

For: Claim settlement paid after Robert Heles of Des Moines had stopped his vehicle to let a police officer with K-9 cross the road. After they had crossed, he proceeded on his way when Officer Gregory Catron turned left into Heles, damaging the civilian’s car. Original repair estimate was $1,529.10, but was reduced when Heles agreed to using used parts.


Amount: $4,393.44

To: Lounsbury Sand and Gravel

For: Purchase of 83 tons of tarped soil, priced at $24 per ton.


Amount: $15,139.32

To: ABM Janitorial Services

For: Janitorial work done at the municipal buildings on 400 Robert D. Ray Drive.


Amount: $1,792


For: Cost for three Wastewand Reclamation employees to complete their Operator Specialist apprenticeships.


Amount: $104.80

To: Polk County Print Shop

For: Purchase of 30 pads of evidence control and receipt forms for the Des Moines Police Department Detective Bureau.

Amount: $10,000

To: 3M

For: The Des Moines Public Library one-year subscription to “Cloud Library,” which allows users to browse and read eBooks.


Amount: $12,500

To: Alma McAfee and her attorney, Robert B. Garver

For: A settlement paid after McAfee tripped and fell at Sixth and Walnut Street on March 23, 2012.


Amount: $360

To: Bunny’s First Serve

For: Purchase of eight cases of practice tennis balls for Des Moines Park and Rec., priced at $45 per case.


Amount: $864.03

To: Andrew Ward

For: Price of a new bumper cover and absorber after Ward’s vehicle was struck by a garbage truck emptying out a large dumpster.


Amount: $13,091.38

To: Beautiful Lawns by Long’s LLC

For: Payment for services of mowing, trimming and blowing around the municipal buildings and the surrounding vacant lots.


Amount: $3,757.02

To: Deborah Becvar of Des Moines

For: Claimant’s sewer was blocked with roots and grease causing damage to her home. The settlement money will be used for plumbing, carpet, drywall, baseboard and paint repairs.



Salary 071813

Salaries and Such

Name                  James J. Tomkovicz

Title                  Edward Howard Professor

Department                  University of Iowa College of Law

Years of service                  Since 1982

Annual salary                  $204,909.04



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Senior Police Officer and School Resource Officer Rodrigo Santizo to travel to St. Paul, Minn., from July 28 – Aug. 2, to attend the National Association of School Resources Officers basic training for School Resource Officers. The training will allow for certification as a School Resource Officer. This travel expense has a price tag of $1,716.38, paid for by local taxpayers. CV

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